Sassy White Dress

Sassy White Dress | Dress Up Buttercup

Dress: Bardot | Purse: Clare V. | Shoes: Steve Madden | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: David Yurman

The sun finally started to shine this week so I was able to get out there and shoot some of my favorite pieces for blog posts! I have been holding onto this dress for some time now and believe it or not, it is this month’s best seller! All I did was share it on stories during a try on and on the back end I can see how many clicks it had and it went crazy! I knew I needed to go out and shoot it for you all to see it in all of its glory. Especially if you are a bride to be or have a spring event coming up! Ted did ask me where my other sleeve was, HILARIOUS! The eyelet detail and ruffles on the shoulder / the drop waist gives it so much personality! I am wearing an xs and it fits like a glove!

Happy hump day!! I have been home for three straight weeks now and it feels SO WEIRD. I am itching to go somewhere and I have been counting down the days till our next trip. Ted leaves to South Korea this weekend so I might try to do a little girls trip with my mama or something this weekend. Since I have been home, I have been so on top of my to-do list. So much so that I have had so much free time. IT IS SO WEIRD. Usually, I am only home for a few days so feel like I am constantly running around but lately, I have been able to take it slow. I also have had time to do things I love like spending time with Ted, bummm on the couch, and work out. I am sticking to my MWF 9:30 classes and going to yoga Tues / Thursdays! Today sister and I have a facial date since I owe her that as her Christmas gift!


10 Year Dating Anniversary

Just a hodgepodge of photos I could pull on Facebook over the past 10 years of being together 🙂 I kinda can’t believe I am sharing some of these photos on the INTERNET but heyy we all start somewhere haha! Today marks our first kiss and we claimed it as our anniversary 10 years ago in 2008. Our love story had a rocky start but thanking Jesus every day for our testimonies and that He brought us together forever! I thought it would be fun to share 10 things we love about each other in honor of this post! 

From Ted: 

  1. I love the one dimple on the side of her cheek when she smiles
  2. I love that she likes big families and has a family bigger than mine (that’s big)
  3. I love that she smiles with her eyes and I always can read her from a mile away
  4. I love that when I wake up, I have 10 things for me to do for the day. Which is my sassy way of saying you are a go-getter
  5. I love that you have high ambitions for us
  6. I also love that your favorite thing to do is bum by the beach
  7. I love that you are scared of scary movies
  8. I love that as much as you act like an adult, I know deep inside you are still a kid!
  9. I love that no matter how much a person hurts you, you continue to treat them with kindness
  10. I also love that you know exactly when I need you the most, and even though you are busy as hell, you stop everything to come by my side!
  11. This one is for free: I love that we share the same goals, same ambitions, and everything we want to do in life, we want to do together. Love you so much boo!

From Dede:

  1. I love that he is a leader no matter what room of people we are in
  2. I love that he cares so much about others and has such a rare heart! No one is a stranger to that kid and he can talk to just about everyone!
  3. I love that I can spend 24/7, every hour of the day with him and probably the only person on the planet that I will never need space from
  4. I love that you are my best friend and you are my safe zone in this crazy world
  5. I love that you are probably the most hilarious kid on this planet and can even make a rock laugh (I strive to be as funny as you haha)
  6. I love that you don’t have a fear of public speaking and can rock just about any stage!
  7. I love that you are such a hard worker, have a million tasks on your plate, yet say you never claim that “you don’t have time” or “too busy”
  8. I love that you have been coaching middle school flag football for almost 15 years and have invested your time in such young lives!
  9. I love that you are fascinated by planes and plan on taking me to Taipei, Taiwan just for the first class experience. Aka always creating crazy adventures for us!
  10. I love that you continue to lead me, challenge me, and pray for me to be more like Jesus, daily!


Crushing on Gingham Print

Crushing On Gingham Print | Dress Up Buttercup

1. Dress: I love that this dress is so bright and yellow. It is a perfect gingham spring print!!

2. Earrings: Just got these earrings and already love them! They can add so much to a casual outfit!

3. Shorts: With warmer weather coming up, finding a good pair of shorts is a must. I really like that these are high waisted and a light denim color!!

4. Skirt: The bow and ruffle make this skirt so cute and fun!

5. Shoes: I have these in light pink and they are a super cute alternative to wedges! I would say size up .5 to be safe!

6. Top: This top is super affordable and perfect for spring. I paired with high waisted jeans since it is more of a crop top but high waisted shorts would be cute too!

7. Romper: I really love the details on this romper from the stitching on the bottom and the twist on the top to the cut out in the middle! It’s such a fun romper that will really stand out!

8. Basket: As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE picnics!  This basket would be perfect to carry all the supplies you need and not to mention is super cute!!

9. Romper: Ok I seriously need this romper! You could dress it up with some heels and accessories or keep it casual, either way so cute!!


Houston Rodeo

Houston Rodeo | Dress Up Buttercup

Dress: Tularosa | Boots: Ariat(similiar) | Purse: Givenchy | Bracelet: Baublebar | Watch: Michael Kors |

For my Houstonions, HAPPY RODEO KICK OFF WEEKEND! Probably the most exciting time in Houston, yall! I mentioned earlier in my Spring Bucket list that the Rodeo was definitely top on my list! If I was headed to the cook-off tonight, this is what you would see me wearing! An adoooorable gingham, off the shoulder, ruffle dress and cowboy boots! Such a Texan thing and I absolutely love it! I actually don’t own real cowboy boots and I am not sure if I ever will or not. I know in Texas it’s a thing but I only wear my boots like once a year to the Rodeo anyways. Plus the exact ones I am wearing hold sentimental value to me since Dad bought them for me! I remember growing up and going to the carnival part of the rodeo with him 🙂 Then as I got older, Ted and I use to go every year. We still make it a point to go at least once!

If you aren’t familiar with what the rodeo is, its a carnival + our country music festival + livestock show for a few weeks in March! There is tons of fried food, bbq, and drinks! Our favorite is the fried Oreos!  If you are in Houston during this time, I say make it a point to go!