Personalized Gift Guide

1 Book: Love love this idea for a personalized kids book! They have so many different options to choose from here!

2. Necklace: Love these necklaces! I actually have this one but with crystals you can find here!

3. Decorative Books: Got these in a so excited about them! Would be really cute on a fireplace by the stockings. They also gave me a discount code to share with you guys! DEDE10 for 10% off!

4. Socks: Yes I’m putting these in here again because they are too good not to!

5. Keychain: This is such a cute little keychain that would be a good stocking stuffer or add with a gift box! *update* this one actually sold out but linking this one and another here for other options.

6. Candle: Everyone loves candles but the monogram just gives it a personal touch which I love!

7. Mug: Shared this on stories earlier this week. I ordered for Ted for Christmas and he accidentally opened it when I asked him for help unpacking packages lol. He still loved it though!

8. Door Mat: Really love the look of this door mat and they have a couple ways to customize it!

9. Keychain: This is another one of Ted’s presents. Its two day free shipping and really affordable. You just print out a picture to put inside!

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Rosie’s First Travel Look

Pullover: Express

Well we survived Rosie’s first time on a plane! I think this is something all new parents fear so we tested it out on a short flight, only a little over an hour and a half. We flew to Kansas to visit Ted’s brother and had such a good weekend away.

I wanted to quickly share my travel outfit. Love love this pullover for how comfy it was and easy to travel in but I also still felt cute! It’s fleece lined on the inside so super warm. I ordered it from Express and you guys know how big a fan I am of their pullovers so I knew this one would be good. I’ll be sharing a lot more from Express(and their sales) coming up since I love their holiday collection so much too!

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Styling a Flannel 14 Different Ways

Top | Skirt | Booties

Top | Tee | Jeans | Booties

Sweater | Top | Booties

Top | Leggings | Boots

Jacket | Top | Boots

Vest | Top | Shoes

Jacket | Top | Leggings | Shoes

Top | Skirt | Shoes

Top | Tank | Leggings

Jacket(similar) | Dress | Boots

Top | Leggings

Top | Skirt | Shoes

Top| Leggings | Boots

Sweater | Top | Skirt | Boots

Top | Leggings | Shoes

It’s flannel season guys! Thought I would share some inspiration on how you can style them for casual or dressier occasions and then a little bonus for all my mommas out there with house shoes and a baby in hand lol. I just picked this one up at Old Navy and it’s on sale for 40% off!


Gift Guide For Him

1 Polo: Bonobos is one of Ted’s favorite places to shop since they have such variety of sizes to choose from. This is part of their golf collection. They have so many fun prints to choose from!!

2. Tie Box: Ted loves getting new ties to wear to church or weddings. I really like how this one comes with a 3 and the boxing is really cute.

3. Speaker: Just ordered this for Ted and he takes it with him to golf. Its really the best portable speaker to take with you on the go. Definitely good quality sound and loud.

4. Tie Clips: This is another one of Ted’s favorites. When I was looking for things to share I asked him to help a lot since he would probably know best lol. I also got him these last year that you can add his initials too.

5. Face Socks: These socks were the biggest hit last year for all the guys! We put their wife’s or gf faces on some and then put their moms on some too. So funny! You could also do these and put someones pet on them!

6. Apple Watch: This is definitely on the pricey side but really is worth it! Ted wears his everyday for work and the gym!

7. Travel Bag: This bag is such good quality! I ordered this for Ted since his really needed to be replaced. A lot of times the gifts I get him are things that he already has that just need to be upgraded when the old ones are really worn down. **on SALE

8. Yeti: We use our Yeti’s so much and I think its a gift you really cant go wrong with!

9. Jeans: These are Ted’s go to jeans. He has them in a couple different colors. They are a higher price point so giving them as a gift is always a good idea.

Other gifts ideas for him: