Chambray All Day

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Chambray: Madewell ((Similar On Sale)) | Jeans: 7 of All Mankind | Shoes: Kristen Cavallari

I need to go back and look through my old photos, but I guarantee you this time of year, I have posted a similar outfit before! I always like to gravitate towards white this time of year since it is so fresh! I actually found these jeans on Nordstrom Rack for $100 when normally they go for over $200. I have been going through white denim like hot cakes lately trying to find the best one this season! Ones that are good quality, going to stand up in the washer, and won’t stretch as much.

You also always need a good chambray in your closest. The one I am wearing is Madewell but I also found a super similar one on sale here. I always recommend Nordstrom Rack for great price point items. I do get messages occasionally trying to find the best places to shop that are reasonably priced! I love places like Nordy Rack, Lulus, JCrew during their sales, and Zara! If you have any other hidden gem places let me know!! I do also try my best to shop for reasonably price points so I hope that helps!

Oh and these booties elevate this look! You could also wear some cute mules with this outfit! Alrighty, I am off to my work out and then visiting my friends at Trademark Salon for a cut and moving up my NBR extensions! Happy hump day 🙂


Crushing On Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Crushing On Valentine's Gift Ideas | Dress Up Buttercup

Crushing on Valentine’s Gift Ideas

1. Sweater: I just ordered this & I can’t wait to wear it! It would be perfect for a girls night for Galentines!

2. Fragrance Set: This Tory Burch fragrance set is adorable & smells so great!

3. Bed Set: I love my sleep & this eye mask & pillow are the cutest!

4. Swimsuit: I am obsessed with how this swimsuit ties in the front & the color is sooo cuteee!

5. Mug: This mug would be the perfect addition to any girls coffee mug set! Such a cute Valentine’s gift idea.

6. Jewelry Box & earrings: I added these two together since they go hand in hand. I love this jewelry box & you can choose any letter to match whoever you are giving it too. Plus these earrings would be a great addition to add to the jewelry box. Super cute!

7. Romper: This romper is super casual & cute at the same time! I could even see it being paired with a nice heel to dress it up a bit!

8. Candle: You can never have too many candles, in my opinion! This white one will go great with any Valentine decoration or party props!

9. Earrings: These dangle earrings are adorable & would go great for Valentine’s Date Night outfit!

10. Heels: I have these Sam Edelman heels & I love, love, love them!


The Workout Post





Top | Pants | Jacket | Shoes (on sale) | Water Bottle  | Sunnies

A little workout update + where I buy my work out clothes

Schedule: I love getting questions about my fitness routine! It honestly motivates me to get my booty to the gym and stay in shape! I finally nailed down a schedule that works for me and is best to keep up with! If I am in town, you can find me sweating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30am. I make sure I don’t plan a single thing during these times, no matter what! Sticking to a schedule really has helped me make it happen!

What I am doing: So lately I have been doing Orange Theory (OT) and absolutely love it. I have tried it a couple times before, but I finally forced myself to sign up consistently. I had a couple trainers last year, but OT has made me so sore like no other! I also am going to try to do hot yoga once a week since that is my favorite class ever. I have been doing hot yoga for almost five years now, off and on, and always love it! I have a gym membership at Equinox, so that’s my best option, but I also love Black Swan in Houston!

Eating: I still have Chick-Fil-A far more than I should but I try to stay healthy for the most part. Especially on weekdays. I try to eat salads, tacos, pb and j sandwiches (yes, still lol), chili, brown rice and chicken. I only can cook a handful of dishes, so I also do get pre-packaged meals from Snap kitchen or my mama will bring me some food!

What motivates me: Along with a schedule, workout clothes help BIG time for motivation. I get excited when I get new workout clothes and will purposely plan an extra sweat session to wear it! Look good, feel good is the motto this year! I feel like I have said that multiple times. Lululemon is hands down my favorite workout gear. The quality is AHHMAZING and they last forever (I have items from 5+ years ago still kicking). Lately, I have been overly obsessed with these align ll pants and keep ordering them in new colors. I found my entire look on eBay, which I was so excited about! I loathe going into the store, especially when I know exactly what I want.

Did you know that 81% of all merchandise on eBay is new?! On top of that, 88% of items can be purchased on the spot, with no bidding necessary!

According to my cousin, NMD Adidas are the new kicks on the block and I was so shocked to find these babes on SALE on eBay! I am so excited about them and he was impressed! These are hands down my favorite, the cutest, and comfortable!

As for going to and from the gym, I always love wearing a lightweight jacket. I figured this white would work with just about any outfit! I also am obsessed with any long sleeves with keyholes!

Lastly, I never leave the house with this Camelbak empty! We probably have this one in about 4 different colors and it’s so helpful to keep track of how much water I am drinking a day. I also don’t like drinking without a straw (Yes, still lol) so it’s perfect for me! I have tried TONS of other water bottles, but keep finding myself back to this one!

I have been stalking eBays deals page for new headphones! If you have any you recommendations, would love to hear them!

Ok, now it’s gym time! Thanks for stopping by 🙂



Thank you to eBay for sponsoring today’s post!

Let’s Get Sunkissed

Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup Let's Get Sunkissed | Dress Up Buttercup

Let’s Get Sunkissed

Swimsuit: Rhythm | Sunglasses: | Shorts: STS BLUE: |Sunglasses: Quay Australia  |  Purse: Gaia Ark   | Shoes: Tory Burch

It’s obviously no secret I love a good tan! Laying out by the pool is probably my favorite pass time. Funny story, I was a camp counselor during the summer I got married and my camp name was “Bridezilla Poolchilla”. We went by our nicknames all summer long and basically, it’s an interview process with the camp counselors and they asked me what my favorite hobby was and at the time it was laying by the pool haha! Ted thought it was embarrassing but it TOTALLY represents who I am. Just chillllll.

Since now I am older, I haven’t been laying out because I am scared of sun damages. For my color, I have been using self-tanner! I get asked a lot about my self-tanner and I am happy to help solve your pasty problems! Personally, I feel my best when I have color on me. I also am half Middle Eastern so I already have an olive skin complexion!

Basically, I either use St. Tropez tanning lotion (must use with a mitt) or I will run to just about any spray tan salon around me for a light spray! I alternate all the time on what I do just depending on my schedule. Be sure to not stop while applying on a certain area. It dries fast so be consistent and rub in well! While I travel, I never leave without my mitt and tanning lotion unless I just got a spray. If I get a spray, I do not sleep in it and lightly rinse about 5 hours after the spray! I get really dark fast! I try to hydrate my skin daily to keep the tans last long. I typically can go like 4ish days without reapplying if I don’t rinse every night!

I really hope this helps with your suntan questions! Let me know if you have any other in the comments 🙂 Oh and I know my comments have been broken for the longest time. I NEED to fix that! I know only a handful can comment on my posts so I plan on looking into that today. If that happens to you, you can email me with any questions: [email protected]! Happy FRIDAY!!