Crushing on Gingham Print

Crushing On Gingham Print | Dress Up Buttercup

1. Dress: I love that this dress is so bright and yellow. It is a perfect gingham spring print!!

2. Earrings: Just got these earrings and already love them! They can add so much to a casual outfit!

3. Shorts: With warmer weather coming up, finding a good pair of shorts is a must. I really like that these are high waisted and a light denim color!!

4. Skirt: The bow and ruffle make this skirt so cute and fun!

5. Shoes: I have these in light pink and they are a super cute alternative to wedges! I would say size up .5 to be safe!

6. Top: This top is super affordable and perfect for spring. I paired with high waisted jeans since it is more of a crop top but high waisted shorts would be cute too!

7. Romper: I really love the details on this romper from the stitching on the bottom and the twist on the top to the cut out in the middle! It’s such a fun romper that will really stand out!

8. Basket: As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE picnics!  This basket would be perfect to carry all the supplies you need and not to mention is super cute!!

9. Romper: Ok I seriously need this romper! You could dress it up with some heels and accessories or keep it casual, either way so cute!!


Houston Rodeo

Houston Rodeo | Dress Up Buttercup

Dress: Tularosa | Boots: Ariat(similiar) | Purse: Givenchy | Bracelet: Baublebar | Watch: Michael Kors |

For my Houstonions, HAPPY RODEO KICK OFF WEEKEND! Probably the most exciting time in Houston, yall! I mentioned earlier in my Spring Bucket list that the Rodeo was definitely top on my list! If I was headed to the cook-off tonight, this is what you would see me wearing! An adoooorable gingham, off the shoulder, ruffle dress and cowboy boots! Such a Texan thing and I absolutely love it! I actually don’t own real cowboy boots and I am not sure if I ever will or not. I know in Texas it’s a thing but I only wear my boots like once a year to the Rodeo anyways. Plus the exact ones I am wearing hold sentimental value to me since Dad bought them for me! I remember growing up and going to the carnival part of the rodeo with him 🙂 Then as I got older, Ted and I use to go every year. We still make it a point to go at least once!

If you aren’t familiar with what the rodeo is, its a carnival + our country music festival + livestock show for a few weeks in March! There is tons of fried food, bbq, and drinks! Our favorite is the fried Oreos!  If you are in Houston during this time, I say make it a point to go!


Happy Hour At Emmaline

Top: Topshop | Skirt: Express | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Purse: Gaia | Earrings: Lisa Lerch | Bracelet: Baublebar

On Presidents day, Emily and I went to Emmaline in Houston for happy hour and I couldn’t help but take photos of my outfit at such a cute place! I dressed for more of an after-work wear look with this mini white skirt and kept it comfy with a spring blue sweater! I wish I snapped photos of the place because the interior was sooooo cute! Houston has been growing in the restaurant department and I especially love that cute photo worthy restaurants have also been popping up! Emmaline is definitely one of those places! So many people have been telling me about it, that I had to go check it out for myself. Actually, Ted and I were going to go on Saturday for brunch but then Ted slept in lol! He barely slept the night before so I wasn’t mad about missing it and letting the man get more zzzzz’s! I just took Emily instead the next day 🙂 You snooze, you lose! haha!

Anyways, happy hump day! I feel like this week is flying by! Starting my morning with another work out at OT and I am pumped about it! Oh and I haven’t ate out all week, I know it’s only Wednesday, but that is such a record for me!! I am so impressed!


Picnic In The Park

Top: BP | Jeans: Levi’s | Shoes: Steve Madden | Purse: Modcloth | Earrings: Lisa Lerch | Bracelet: Baublebar

Hey Friends! I got some questions on sizing for these pants since I posted them on IG here, so I thought I would share this post first thing in the morning! I am wearing a size 25 and I do think they run true to size. Only downfall is they are a tad bit stiff and are not stretchy like all my other denim. I feel like this is just the case with Levi’s since I ordered these before and compared them to my Free People denim (which is the same style) and I was 100% sold over to the Free People! Maybe because I need to break them in, wash them a few times, etc. Anyways, just my honest review!

Since springtime is approaching, I wanted to share our bucket list of spring activities:

  • Have a picnic at the park! The day Ted proposed, he got a straw basket and took us to a park to have a picnic! I so want to do that again 🙂
  • Go the beach! I literally am the happiest by the beach! We have a few beach trips already planned but even a trip down to Galveston would be fun!
  • BBQ: Pool days and bbq days are my favorite. Both of our parents have pools in the suburbs so a day just chilling sounds amazing!
  • Celebrate my birthday! I am turning 26 yall! 4/4 is my birthday and we always plan a beach trip during the week! This year the trip happened to fall after my birthday so I am thinking of having people over to celebrate! This is the year I get kicked off my mom’s insurance and Ted gets kicked off the flight benefits SOOO we will be mourning this birthday and everyone is going to wear black! Lol very dramatic but I remember ever since I was little, dreading this number!
  • Rodeo: I LOVE the Rodeo yall! I think it is such a fun “Texan” experience that everyone needs to go to! I love dressing up, the fried food, and I am a country fan anyways so that too!
  • Dog Park: We use to take Chewy to dog parks every weekend before we moved to the city! We rarely do anymore so I want to find a good dog park around here and take him. The poor city dog needs some fresh air and so do we!
  • Rockets Game: If the Rockets go to the playoffs, and I don’t surprise Ted with tickets, I think I would be in big big trouble! Haha only because one of my friends surprised her boyfriend with PLAYOFF tickets to the world series game and Ted made such a big deal lol!
  • Run Memorial Park: on pretty days, I use to run this trail with friends all the time! I am so excited that the weather is going to start being nice and we can run this trail 🙂
  • Crawfish: My favorite favorite favorite FAVORITE thing to do! Go to dinner with Ted and eat some spicy mudbugs and drink a Corana. OMG I want to go now just thinking about it!

Holly smokes I didn’t think I had that many!! Sorry it’s so long, I kept just writing away haha! Hopefully this inspires some of you to add to your spring bucket list 🙂