Amazon Prime Day Finds

  1. Headphones: Have these and highly highly recommend, especially for traveling!!
  2. Echo Dot: We have these all over the house and love them! They are connected to a lot of things in our house so it’s super easy to turn things off when leaving or if you just don’t feel like getting off the couch!
  3. Yeti: Always a great thing to have! You really can’t beat the quality of Yeti but they are a splurge so finding them on sale is key!
  4. Vacuum: Seems like everyone and their mamma has this and talks so highly of it so finally getting one since ours is breaking down.
  5. Toaster Oven: Our family cannot believe we don’t have a toaster over so grabbing one of these as well!
  6. Headphones: Have heard great things about these and that people really like them for working out or taking calls in the office, etc.
  7. Ring Doorbell: This doesn’t make sense for us right now since we’re in the condo but went ahead and go it since it’s on sale for our future house!
  8. Speaker: This is the speaker we have in our house and Ted loves it so much!
  9. Nespresso: We love love our Nespresso so much! We have had a Keurig in the past and they are great but the quality of this machine is just so great!

Other favorite finds(not pictured above)





  1. Sneakers: Such a great find for under $30!! They come in a lot of other colors that are on sale as well!
  2. Eye Liner: This liner is the one I use everyday and love it!!
  3. Whitestrips: Can’t believe the sale one these! Definitley grabbed these to stock up!
  4. Makeup Bag: This is the bag that I have for my makeup and I really love it! It’s large and perfect for travel and organization!
  5. Self Tan: I alternate between a couple tanners and this is one of them! Have used it for years and really like it!
  6. Wet Brush: These things are amazing! I use mine everyday and it really seem easier to brush through my hair!
  7. Coat: Excited to try this coat! Looks like a great find so will see how the quality is.
  8. Blow Dry Brush: Have heard so many good things about this brush!
  9. Packing Cubes: Cant wait to try these for traveling! I usaully roll my clothes but this seems like a great idea!
  10. Book: Grabbed this book to add to my shelf in the office!




Also my full baby registry blog post is here for those interested! I asked y’all your favorite baby products and took days to go through, do research, and register! Find the post here!

  1. Play Mat: Such a cute play mat/activity gym!
  2. Zooby: This is a product you guys suggested so I added to my registry!
  3. Car Seat: Car seats can be such an expensive buy so love to find one on sale!
  4. Top: Love this little Adidas top!
  5. Shoes: These are the absolute cutest! Had to order!
  6. Pacifer Clip: This is another product that was highly recommended by you guys! It’s a pacifier clip that is also a teether!
  7. Diapers: Great time to stock up while on sale!!
  8. Activity Center: Has great reviews on amazon!!