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Today is Green Monday which means a lot of retailers have online sales going on so that you can shop and receive your items in time for Christmas. Included some of my favs to shop from below!

Home Goods


Gift Guide for White Elephant Exchange

1. Bathroom Book: Still laughing at this book! Would make a great gift for a funny white elephant party!

2. Yard Dice: This is actually so cool and unique! Looks like so much fun to play outside with the family!

3. Corkpop: A lot of you guys recommended this wine opener and said it is so easy and quick to use!

4. Bourbon Coffee: Coffee is always a great gift but thought this one was so neat since it is infused with bourbon! This one also looks great too and is amazon prime!

5. Herb Growing Kit: Would be so cool to grow your own herbs in the kitchen! I also love this mason jar one here!

6. Wine Condoms: This really has been the biggest hit so far! Its a funny gift but also super practical and useful!

7. Hydration Reminder: Such a cool little device! You put it around your water bottle and it reminds you to keep drinking throughout the day! This one is also cute!

8. Cheese Board: Love this find! The board is magnet to hold the utensils in place and the rose gold colors are super cute!

Other fav ideas under $30:


Walmart Baby

Jacket | Hooded Towel | Baby Bath | DockAtot | Baby Brezza | BabyBjorn Bouncer |

December is such a special month for us since this time last year we found out we were pregnant with Rosie! We got to tell our close family the special news by packing a baby onesies in their Christmas gifts! Those were such special memories that Ted and I will cherish forever!

I know a lot of you are looking for gifts for expecting moms so wanted to share some gift ideas and baby products that we have been using with Rosie and have loved. Walmart compiled my list and also created a special page with everything which is so cool to me! You can check it out here!

I wanted to highlight a few below!

  • Dock A Tot: We have this and another similar product in the house, and couldn’t live without both of them. These are so easy to have piece of mind when she’s on the bed, couch, or on the floor next to us lol as I am writing this, she’s on the floor in her dock a tot hanging out! It’s also what I use to get ready in the morning!
  • Baby Bouncer: She pretty much hangs out in this 24/7 when we aren’t carrying her or she isn’t in her dock a tot! She loves this thing and it will entertain her for a while!
  • This towel and the bath tub support are the two bath items we use weekly!
  • Last thing I wanted to end with was the Kiinde Twist start kit is basically half off right now?! This is the contraption I use for bottles when I pump and its literally genius. We don’t have to keep up with washing and sterilize bottles plus makes it the easiest to freeze breast milk!

I hope this is a little helpful guide for moms to be or if you are looking to gift a new mama! Gosh babies are the best and I am so excited for whomever new nugget is coming into the world!!


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Gift Guide for the Office

1. Chamomile Set: Such a unique gift set! You grow your own chamomile for your tea!

2. Candle: These are so cute for co workers that are from out of town! (more cities/states here)

3. Aromatherapy Kit: These would be super cute to keep at their desk!

4. Succulents: Perfect plants for your desk! These actually come with the succulents in the pots unlike a lot on Amazon.

5. Barefoot Dreams Socks: You really can never go wrong with socks! I think the face socks would be perfect as well!

6. Sushi Socks: Another cute sock idea!

7.Super Sized Enter Key: Such a fun gift! A stress relief for the office!

8. Cheese Knives: This would be a great set for any host or cheese lover in the office!

9. Charging Stand: Like that this is a combo of a stand and charger! I feel like I need one of these now.

Other ideas: