The Seasonal Hubby Post

My Outfit // Dress: Tiger Mist

Ted’s Outfit // Coat: Vince Camuto | Shirt: Nordstrom | Pants: AG | Tie: Paul Smith | Shoes: Florsheim

Alright….I guess I am long overdue, so it is with  lots of grumbling to try and avoid doing this great joy that I write today’s post. I do want to say that Dede has given me some guidelines, which I will highlight below:

  1. Talk about the outfits (pshhh piece of cake)
  2. Be nice (What can I say, this comes naturally)
  3. And don’t mention the Texans 8-game winning streak (See how I included that in there? I mean IKR!?)

Alright, so first things first, let’s talk about these outfits. Dede did something that she had never let me do before since we’ve been married. She had given me the responsibility to go pick out my own outfit. I know, I know, what was she thinking right? So naturally, I went to Nordstrom, which is kinda cheating since they have the best selection so I didn’t have to go anywhere else. The employees said I looked like a lost puppy (I will take it as a compliment, puppies are awesome), but they were all super helpful. Needless to say, she was rather impressed! It may have taken me five tries to get it right(Nordstrom has a great return policy lol), but hey, don’t judge, I thought a black tee and Jeans was an awesome idea!

Anyways, I digress. This year, we have quite a few trips that entail really cold weather, so I figured I need a pretty thick coat (I know, pretty genius logic right?). This one has an inside zipper that gives it a layered look and extra warmth. And honestly, it’s the real deal. It’s so frikkin comfortable! And I’m all about being comfortable 100% of the time. Which leads me to these pants, which are basically stretchy pants that I can wear to work bc they look nice – uh yeah, easy choice.

Ok, now for the good part – Dede’s outfit. It’s super sparkly, she looks awesome in it (and awesome in anything). And of course, always makes the right decisions to compliment an outfit. So yeah…that’s pretty much it for Dede’s outfit (nailed it!)

I did want to end by bragging about the wife a little bit, so be prepared! Three years ago, when Dede first started the blog, we both didn’t know what was to become of it. I knew she enjoyed it, she was good at it, but sometimes, and especially as a husband, you worry if things don’t work out for your spouse, which is why I did everything I could to help her out. For a little while, I was nervous how things were going to turn out, but there’s something about the way Dede works that is so contagious. There’s always a passion with what she is doing, and when you watch her in her element, you just get the feeling that things are going to be alright. Fast forward until now, things are far-far beyond what we could ever imagine! I know Dede gets on her stories and thanks you all for following along and being so encouraging, but I don’t think you all have heard it from me. So here it goes:

Thank you! Thank you for being absolutely so supportive to my wife! Thank you for all your encouraging messages and notes to her! I know it means a lot to her, but it means more to me. I’m so glad you are following along and I want you to know how important you all are to us, and how thankful we are for you! (Told you it would be sappy)….

Ok – that’s pretty much it. Signing off! (Oh, and that Texans 8-game win streak, amiright?)



Thank You Nordstrom For Sponsoring This Post


Gift Guide For Your Pets


1 Cleansing Spray: This spray is such a good idea for in between the groomers/bath or just to put on before guests come over!

2. Bowls(similar): I love this set! I think its simple but super cute to keep in your house!

3. Stocking: This stocking is so adorable to put up with your family’s! They also have a fish one for a cat as well!

4. Bed (similar): Such a fun little bed that would be cute in your home and comfy for your pet!

5. Hoodie(similar): Just got this hoodie in for Chew and shared it on IG stories!

6. Pet Camera: This thing is so neat!! It lets you look at and speak to your pet while youre not home and also allows you to give them treats!

7. Toy: How adorable is this little ugg boot for your pup?!

8. Treat Jar: This is in the set with the bowls so I definitely love! I think It’s so much nicer to have a jar for them instead of the bag being on the counter!

9. Pet Tracker: A tracker for your pet’s collar is such a good idea!! I can not imagine if Chewy got out and I couldn’t find him!!

Cookies: These look so good for your little pup!

Ornament: Need this for our tree this year!! You can personalize it with the breed and your dog’s name!!




Giving Tuesday!

Hi Everyone!

I know this weekend has been full of shopping and sales and deals, but I wanted to take a second to change the subject and focus on something even better today. Today is “Giving Tuesday” and I wanted to share with you all a few non-profits that are near and dear to my heart.

ALSO – Paypal is matching 1% of every donation made! Please use PayPal to donate if you can! Here is the link:


First one is “H.O.M.E”, It’s an acronym for “Health Outreach to the Middle East” and they are a Christian Medical Missions organization that focuses on providing medical assistance in the impoverished areas in the Middle East. Ted and I went with them on a mission trip a few years ago and I was absolutely moved just seeing the areas that everyone lives in and honestly, it just puts everything in perspective here and I just love the hearts of those people there. My Father-In-Law is the founder of this organization, and 100% of proceeds go straight to the mission field!

Here is a link to donate:

More information about H.O.M.E. is here:

A 2nd Cup

Another one that I’ve just recently come across, and is actually where I am donating my clothes to, is an organization here called “A 2nd Cup”.  As some of you might know, Houston is a major hub for human trafficking and there are so many organizations trying to bring awareness and fight the cause.

“A 2nd Cup” is a non-profit coffee shop doing their part to fight human-trafficking. As a coffee shop they raise awareness about human-trafficking occurring in Houston and provide a place in the community where people can gather and take positive action against trafficking. They also raise funds to support aftercare solutions for survivors of human-trafficking, including counseling, mentoring, work-experience and education.

For instance, the clothes that I donate will go straight to survivors of human-trafficking victims, but they provide so much more. I hope you will help as well!

Here is a link to donate:

More information about “A 2nd Cup” is here:

Kids Meals

Ok just one more! I went to an event for “Kids Meals” and didn’t realize the number of children 5 years and younger at risk of experiencing food insecurity is 21.4% in the U.S.!! Guys, my heart melted and it hurts to think that my belly is full but there are children who don’t know when their next meal will be. There will be more information below on their mission and I hope you will do what you can!

Here is a link to Donate:

More information about “Kids Meals”:

Love you all and thanks for taking the time to read all this!!


White Puffer Jacket

Jacket: Weather Tamer | Top: Time and Tru | Boots: Ugg |  Leggings: White Mark

Headed somewhere cold this week and can’t wait to share the experience with you guys!! Ted is coming with so I am SO excited to have him and my girls together! I have been looking for a good white puffer jacket and found this one at Walmart! It’s lightweight but feels durable and so warm. I also love the fur hood, it makes it just a little extra lol. When I was on Walmart’s website I found so many cute finds at great price points! I have had my eye on this cardigan from their Lord & Taylor Premium Brand that would be such a great staple! I listed some more of my favorites below in the scrollbar!