Gift Guide For Your Pets


1 Cleansing Spray: This spray is such a good idea for in between the groomers/bath or just to put on before guests come over!

2. Bowls(similar): I love this set! I think its simple but super cute to keep in your house!

3. Stocking: This stocking is so adorable to put up with your family’s! They also have a fish one for a cat as well!

4. Bed (similar): Such a fun little bed that would be cute in your home and comfy for your pet!

5. Hoodie(similar): Just got this hoodie in for Chew and shared it on IG stories!

6. Pet Camera: This thing is so neat!! It lets you look at and speak to your pet while youre not home and also allows you to give them treats!

7. Toy: How adorable is this little ugg boot for your pup?!

8. Treat Jar: This is in the set with the bowls so I definitely love! I think It’s so much nicer to have a jar for them instead of the bag being on the counter!

9. Pet Tracker: A tracker for your pet’s collar is such a good idea!! I can not imagine if Chewy got out and I couldn’t find him!!

Cookies: These look so good for your little pup!

Ornament: Need this for our tree this year!! You can personalize it with the breed and your dog’s name!!




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  1. The link for the stocking goes to the food bowls. I really want to get the stocking for my dog. Can you provide an updated link?

  2. I absolutely LOVE this gift guide! I figured maybe look for a Dog Mom one BUT this guide is just too cute!!

    I recently just bought my boys a tracker and it’s the BEST thing ever because it makes me want to reach their daily goal and it actually motivates me to get up and get going with them!!

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