Top of 2018

I always think its so interesting to see what other people are loving. It makes me feel like oh, should I be needing that?! Lol! I know some bloggers share monthly their top sellers so I also wanted to ask if that is something you all would be interested in? A top seller just means its the most popular amongst you all but also that I genuinely think its worth it too. I don’t share anything that I won’t stand behind 100% and buy myself. If it’s a top seller, I most likely have worn it a couple times that month and raved about it! Anyways, let me know what yall think in the comments below! Everyone’s top 2018 favs:

    1. Express Fleece Pullover – this was no surprise! I am wearing mine while I am typing up this blog post. I absolutely LOVED seeing so many of yall in this fuzzy wuzzy sweatshirt and enjoyed it this season as much as I did. This is actually my third one! They have a few sizes left! I am wearing an xs and it does run oversized!
    2. Sam Edelman Knee High Boot– I wore these nonstop during the fall and winter and loved them so much! They have an easy heel to walk with and are so stylish! They are on sale here with limited sizes but also here is a similar boot that I can’t believe the under $50 sale price! These shoes are typically over $200+! Perfect to stock up for next season.
    3. Sam Edelman Summer Sandals – YALL. I can’t say enough good things about these sandals. MY FAV! I have bought so many shoes over the years, and I still find myself wanting to grab these instead. I know I can dance the night away in them and not have to worry about my feet.
    4. Gibson “Dede” Glam Top – yall blew my mind with this collaboration and I can’t thank you enough. Like I cry happy tears every time I think of this opportunity that I was able to be apart of and it would NOT have been possible with out yall. I say this over and over and over again but THANK yall for your endless support and for following along.
    5. Express White Cami– If you ask me what do I think every girl needs in her closet, a good basic white tank would be my answer! I am so glad so many of you snagged this tank for your closet bc its a great basic! It also comes in so many great colors.
    6. Wedge Sandal– Yall clearly are shoes girls like I am since majority of these favorites are shoes haha! These were my favorite wedges during the spring and summer that I wore non stop. I know I will be wearing them this season too if I can find them in my closet lol!
    7. Burberry Quilted Jacket – That one time I found this Burberry on sale and yall went CRAZY over it. My kinda ladies! Haha I love that yall are into investing in peices that will last a life time. Such a timeless peice too! I hope this happens again this year for all those that missed it last year!
    8. Ali & Jay Dress (on sale) – yall sold this out in the hottest second and its one of my favorite! I have loved seeing all of yall wear this dress to special events, weddings, etc. It is SO cute!! It’s now restocked and on sale so nows your chance!
    9. Express Legging Distressed Denim – These are a fav of mine since they are super flattering and high waisted so makes them extra comfy!
    10. Grey Dress – After diving into my anayltics yall are SO INTO shoes, designer on sale, and DRESSES. I have been a dress girl ever since I could walk hence the name “dress” up buttercup. This dress was a favorite for my sweet friends fall wedding. It was comfy but still SO CUTE. It’s restocked as well!

So as far as blog posts go, after diving into my analytics, I now know you all want to see more beauty, more Ted, and more travel guides. All which I LOVE so I have lots of fun blog post ideas coming your way! Especially since I don’t have an insane travel schedule, I am excited to shoot what you are looking for! Here are my top blog posts for 2018:

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