What I Got Ted Gift Guide


1 Headphones: Sooo I actually lost Ted’s last Bose headphones so getting him these were kinda a must lol. We both looove these since were are on a plane a lot and these are noise canceling as well!

2. Speakers: These speakers are actually something he’s been asking for! They connect with Alexa which is perfect since we have everything synced through that in the house.

3. Travel Bag: I got ted this toiletry bag so he could have it packed for traveling! I put his initials TR on it and it turned out perfect!

4. Tie Clip: I’m sure you can tell, but I love personalizing his gifts. I feel like its going just an extra step to let him know you put thought into the gift.

5. Shaving Cream: I havnt gotten Ted this brand before, but it has great reviews and is on sale. A good shaving cream can do wonders, especially for men that have extra thick facial hair!

6. Gift Set: I got Ted this brand and he actually loves it! This is the best set I have seen since it has a variety of products! I also got these to fill in his travel bag!

7. Slippers: These are such great slippers that any guy would love!!

8. Bag: I just shared a blog post on this bag! Gave it to him early so he could start using it to the office and our traveling!

9. Tie Set: This is such a good deal! All three for under $60!!