Crushing on PJ Sets

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.10.10 AM1. Pink Rose

2. Three J NYC

3. J Crew

4. In Bloom

5. Flora Nikrooz (Favorite) 

6. In Bloom


So lately, I have been very picky about the comfort of my sleep. A little weird, I know, but PJ sets play a big comfort in my nightly routine. I think of Pajamas like I do when heading to the gym, a cute outfit always makes me feel better. Now that spring has approached us, it is time for me to put up my winter pjs and bring out the short cool sets! I have been crushing on pj sets lately and my I think I have fallen most in love with this chiffon piece. I kept all the spring options below $70 and that seem the most comfortable.

I am pretty sure I have sleep on my mind since we just redid the bedroom with new sheets and duvet (Belgian Flax Linens). It took some Ted some convincing because of the price but after a night in of him sleeping in these sheets, I haven’t heard a complaint since. I am pretty sure he is loving the new set as much as I do. New sheets and a new pj set just give a feeling of a fresh start and its perfect for this time of year!