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I’ll be the first to admit I am the worlds biggest procrastinator. I always mean well and have these big plans and somehow through out the day I get distracted and what I meant to do for that day doesn’t happen. For instance, I was planning on creating a Travel Tuesday update or a survey about what you want to see or don’t see on here but instead my closet got the best of me. Next thing I know its 9pm and it was time to get out of the house for some dinner. None of my to-do tasks were checked off but I did end up with an organized closet and a clean room which also has been on my big to – do list for a┬álong while now. Ahh organization feels good.

What also feels good is being on trend and let me start by saying you will be seeing suede a whole lot this next season. With its deep rich colors and soft material, the possibilities are endless. I promise to get in a survey and a travel post this week. Somehow, I made it a goal to not overcommit this week (and tell my self it is ok to say no) yet my schedule is still packed. Today starts with a 5 o clock wake up call for Soul Cycle, breakfast with some gals, and sharing some snapchat knowledge at the Rising Tides Tuesday Togethers. What are you up to on this Tuesday?!


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