Crushing on Pleated

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What am I currently crushing at the moment you may ask? Pleated everything has stolen my heart after I posted this dress last week. I love that trends come and go and they are always most likely to come back. I have some pleated skirts in my closet that I am so excited I kept to bring back out. I am so obsessed with this one shoulder pleated dress. If only it came in my size and wasn’t so darn expensive. This dress comes in blue and white and would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower event. I also am linking some of my favorites below in the widget.

Happy Tuesday! Feels good to be back in my routine and back to #buttercupcrush series on Tuesdays. Stay tuned for a survey sometime this week about what kind of content you are enjoying or want to see more or less of. I am here for you all and you taking the time to come visit me on here means the world. I am excited to hear your feedback so stay tuned. I am off to my 6:30am spin date. PHEW it’s early. I hope I can last.