Crushing on 5 Spring Shoes

The saying is true: So many shoes, so little time! How do we know what is in this season or not? Well, I got you girl. After a little research and what my eyes have been noticing, I wanted to list my top 5 shoe trends this spring season.

  1. Mules: I got these mules I am wearing last summer and I was so mehhhhh towards them. I didn’t really know what to think but this summer they are coming in HOT. My feet are also saying hallelujah since they are so easy to walk in.
  2. Bows on Toes: how cute are bows on shoes?! They are making a come back and I’m so glad I picked up these mules to run around in/ still make a statement!
  3. Chunky Heels: my feet are also praising this trend since I can walk miles in a chunky heel. Also I use to be strict about no suede in the spring / summer but pshhhh I’m loving suede shoes this time of year now. Don’t you love when that happens! No rules for me.
  4. Spring colors: I already did a post on it here but colorful shoes have been my major crush lately. Especially these babes that you probably are so sick of #sorrrrry. I have these ankle strap sandals in two colors and totally get my moneys worth.
  5. Chunky heels + mules = Slide Sandals: & I can’t get over them! So comfortable yet chic. They elongated your legs and two trends in one is always a win! I have been obsessed with these.

Also listing my favorites below in the widget! PS. a word of advice, it’s always better to snag the shoes you have been eyeing at the beginning of the season instead of them haunting you until you get them lol!