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Crushing On Disney


We are headed to Disney this weekend and I am so excited!! Since vacation season is coming up quick and I know this is a popular stop, I thought I would share some things I’m taking a long and ideas I had!

1. Romper: Love everything about this romper from the ruffles, pockets, tie front, and button detail! Also the fact that it’s a romper makes it so comfortable to wear all day!

2. Sunglasses: I have purchased these sunglasses before from amazon and loved so decided to grab them in pink AND they are under $10!!

Backpack: This is another amazon find that I am obsessed with! Such a good idea to bring a backpack instead of a purse and this one is too cute!

3. Tshirt: Not gonna lie I am obsessed with Mickey and can not wait to wear this!!

4. Converse: If you don’t have yourself a pair of converse you should pick you up a pair asap! They are so easy to wear with any outfit and so comfy!

5. Bag: Love the sparkle on this “bumbag” as they call it! This fanny pack is so practical to carry all your stuff throughout the day and adds a little something something to your outfit!

6. Shorts: With warmer weather coming up I have been on the lookout for some good new shorts. These are SO cute and a steal for Levi’s!

Hairband: Such a simple accessory like this can add so much to a simple outfit!

7. Top: Always good to pack an easy striped top to wear and it can also be a basic for year round!

8. Bodysuit: Ok love love this little bodysuit! It is giving me all the Minnie mouse vibes!

9. Earrings: These bow earrings are so precious!!





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  1. Omg I’m so glad you did this post, I’m going to Disney next month!! Love your picks. Enjoy the girls weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth!

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