Crushing on One Piece Swims

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.20.41 PM

From Left to right
2. Nanette ( I NEED)
5. Lolli (Reversible/Genius)

Ok so I have had some requests for one pieces are here are some of my top picks. Some of you all are probably thinking wow this blogger jumps seasons way to early but I am always here to get you prepared. Especially for those who are getting vacation ready for Spring Break. Traveling to warmer climates is always on my mind and a chic bathing suit needs to come with. I am beyond happy that one pieces are bringing a come back and cuter than ever. No longer were the days where all one piece swim suit options looked like they belonged to my grandma. Anyone else remember those days?! Thankfully we can pick a variety of cute one pieces and I am hoping this trend is here to stay because I AM IN LOVE. I especially love this reversible swim that is pretty much genius. If you are wanting more options for one pieces, just let me know and I would be glad to email you with more options (not all fit on my picture). I can’t wait to see what swims you all pick for this summer.

Doesn’t this post make you crave a beach? I feel like I crave a beach every other day lol it’s a serious problem. I hope you all are having a great week and so thankful you stopped by!