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Well hello hello! Welcome to Tuesday, you know what that means on the blog today, its another #buttercupcrush! Sharing what I think is trending and what you should be searching for while shopping. Lace ups have been huge this summer and I don’t need to tell you why! They make any plain ensemble just darling. I don’t like how this trend is called lace up because technically its not a lace material. I would call it more of a tie up but what do I know. I need to order this or this cobalt blue lace up dress soon. I am in love with this vertical stripe (last weeks #buttercupcrush here) and lace up combo here. I’ll just take one of everything please! I would love for you all to hashtag #buttercupcrush on any photos you post that you were inspired by this series.

Last night I slept over a friends house while we snuggled on the couch for some much needed catch up time & some bachelorette. Ted left on Sunday to Virginia to pick up his brothers truck. The road trip to Virginia to Texas is about 19 hours so I would love for you to send a little prayer over them. He finally gets home tonight and I plan on smothering him with smooches. I miss him so much! Hope you are having great week loves. Thanks for stopping by!


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