Crushing on Vertical Stripes

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I love when styles like vertical stripes comes into trend. Stripes are such a classic trend that will never go out of style as are vertical stripes. Last year we saw A LOT of stripes but this year more and more vertical stripes have made an appearance. Sometimes investing in trend  or in this case “#buttercupcrush” pieces can be hard since you never know if are able to wear it next season. For instance, polka dots come and go but I believe stripes are here to stay. I especially am drooling over this vertical dress that I need in my life. Vertical stripes also tend to make people look skinnier. Horizontal stripes make you look wider but vertical plays an illusion.

Today is Ted Raads birthday, my other half. I want to just say how much I appreciate all that man does for our little family. God knew exactly what He was doing when choosing Ted as my partner in life. Gosh I can go on and on of what an amazing God fearing man I married. I am so darn lucky and I fall more and more in love with him each day. Happy birthday pumpkin pie! Not sure if you are reading this but know I look up to you and am kinda obsessed with you.  Today I have a TON of surprises up my sleeve (follow along on snapchat @dederaad). We usually go out of town for our birthdays but this year we opted to stay home since we have a big trip planned in July! Happy June 14th buttercups.