Crushing on Festive Bags

We are in an era where statement / festive bags are becoming the trend. Remember when shoes or earrings use to be the woah factor? Well bags are the new deal and I am round up some that I have been crushing on. I actually have 3 of these bc I obviously have been crushing hard. I will be styling this bag next week and I am so excited how the look turned out. I feel like with any of these bags, your outfits can be endless or simple! Sometimes, letting your bag do the talking in your outfit is just what we need. This one reminds me of crafts time during elementary school and it just makes me smile! Some are a steep price for just a “trendy” bag but then others like this one are under $75!

Shop all my crushing picks by using the widget below! Happy Thursday babes! Do you have your eye on a festive bag? I wanna see if you do! I will prob be taking all of mine & some more on my birthday trip next week! Y’all have no idea how much I have been itching for a trip. The condo renovations got us busy in Feb / March so we had to skip our monthly adventure to be adults. This birthday trip can’t come soon enough – ahhh!