Crushing on Summer Rompers

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1. Gypsy Romper
2. Oh My Love
3. Lucy Paris
5. FinderKeepers
6. C/MEO
7. FinderKeepers

Happy Tuesday friends! I have had a mad crush on rompers lately that I wanted to share a couple of my favs. I love busting out a romper this time of year and trust me when I say rompers are here to stay. They are the perfect substitute for a dress yet give you freedom to move around and give comfort. This romper is one of my favs and my jaw dropped when I saw it online. Of course my jaw dropped again when seeing the price tag but cmon I can see why! This romper is also a steep but I have seen it in person and it absolutely adorable. The rest of the rompers are under $100 and my favs. I LOVE this chambray material as a romper which is on sale. This striped cutout romper would be perfect for a night out and is also on sale. Also linking more budget friendly rompers that I have my eye on down below on the widget.

Hope you enjoy your day and for you Houston peeps, stay dry! I finally got my hubs back after him being in Vegas. Oh how happy I am to have him home. He is so much fun to be around that why wouldn’t I want him home?! I also missed his manly self when all the tornado sirens were going off on Sunday evening. It was so sad not to have him here. Thankfully we are reunited and hopefully no more Vegas trips….LOL.