Baby #2 Bumpdate!

Rosie has been the biggest blessing to our family and we cannot wait to be parents of 2. I don’t think anything can really prepare you for what parenting brings to the table of life but at the end of the day, we appreciate all the craziness that comes with it! This pregnancy has been one of the biggest blessings to our lives during such a hard time. Mom passed away from Cancer in July and in August we got pregnant. In all honesty, I did not think I was ready to get pregnant so soon without mom but Ted and 100% God had other plans. Truly this baby boy has been such a blessing and every time I get sad, I remember this new life coming into the world.

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Baby girl update 1

Q: How are you feeling this time around?

First, thank YOU for asking! Yall are such kind humans for checking up on me. Its so strange how it’s been pretty different. I am eating healthier, working out, even just moving has been COMPLETELY different than my first pregnancy. I think I was just scared of being pregnant the first time around and used the pregnancy card a whole lot. I read the other day a statement someone saying “I’m not broken, just pregnant” and that truly motivated me to move my body. This time around I think I also am in a better mindset mentally so trying to be the best version of myself for this baby. I also am SUPER nervous for delivery this time around but not trying to think of it! I also am praying I don’t end up with preeclampsia (If you missed that, my birth story is linked here)!

Q: How is this pregnancy different from Rosie’s? (symptoms, cravings, emotions)

Its crazy how different they have been! Just remember no two pregnancies are the same!

Emotions: With Rosie my emotions where EVERYWHERE. I remember crying all the time, being HYPER sensitive, and not being able to control my emotions. I also was dealing with mom in the thick of battling her breast cancer journey so those emotions + hormones was an emotional roller coaster. She was in and out of treatments and had really bad and really good days. Mentally I was not in the right stage.

With baby boy, I feel like I have been pretty mellow. I mean I haven’t cried THAT much and I don’t over think EVERYTHING. I feel fine mentally other than the fact that I no longer have mom around. Thats one thing I have been battling emotionally this time around but I keep trying to change my perspective instead “sad, wish she was here to turn to” to “so glad she’s not in pain anymore and Heaven seems like a much better place”. Of course I have good and bad days but I am now taking it day by day right now. I think once baby boy gets here, its going to be so hard on me. She was my rock through newborn stage and stayed over for weeks to help. I don’t know how I am going to do it without her.

 Cravings: With Rosie at first I had the most intense cravings. My mouth would pretty much water until I got what I was craving and the cravings were all over the place. This time around they aren’t as intense and weirdly enough I crave healthy stuff like avocados.
Rosie: Jack In the Box tacos, nerd ropes, pop tarts, lucky charms lol Baby Boy: Still nerd ropes, crunch wrap supremes, avocados, salads.

Q: Did you have morning sickness? When?

This goes with “symptoms” above! The only different symptom I really had was morning sickness with baby boy. I would wake up in a doozy and have to suck on a lemon and lay in bed for a while to get over it. It lasted probably from week 8-14. It was only a handful of minutes when I first woke up so I am so fortunate it did not last all day! I DID actually barf a few times. One time all over the side of Ted’s car on the way to the airport. I think I was on my phone and I puked all over the highway since he couldn’t pull over since we were stuck in traffic lol it was AWFUL.

Q: Baby names? Will you wait till baby boy is born to reveal his name?

We haven’t decided on baby boys name yet. We have a pool of about 4 names that are the front runners. I feel like maybe waiting until the hospital will put a lot of pressure on us while we are there to make a rushed decision. We are at the point where I REALLY want him to have some sort of meaning to do with mom (her name was EVA) but our front runner does not. Funny enough, Teds front runner (and one of mine) won the fun little name bracket on IG so I feel like that’s also a sign. I call him that every once in a while but who knows what we will end up with! We bring it up every couple of days!

Q: Names that you love but won’t be using?

Lol you sure you want me to share? The names I like are WILD and unique haha just like the name my parents gave me! So not sure if this is helpful but let me copy and paste from my list.

Roman – Ave – Zander – Everette – Ace- Micha – Rhett- Jazz- Shey- Xander- Ozzie- Blaze – Ryatt – Regan – Rowan – Rae- Grayson – Wren- Xander – Axel – Wexly – Ollie – Kyler – Rex – Benny – Rocky – Brady (my sweet daddy name) – Brody – Calson – Grayson – Jameson – Brayden 

Q: Will baby boy have his own room or share with Rosie?

Sooooooo he will be in our room or guest room when sis comes to help at night until we get him on a routine! His stuff and nursery will be mainly in our room / Rosies room! Once he starts sleeping throughout the night, we are going to try to transition him to Rosies room and try the whole sharing a room thing! Who knows maybe he or Rosie will eventually end up taking over the guest room. We will play it by ear and not really stressing. All I know is I don’t want to buy 2 cribs since we are assuming by the time he’s ready for his crib, Rosie will be ready to move to a big girl bed?? I’ll keep yall updated on the journey! But know no matter your situation, all a kid needs is some love. Don’t feel bad about the space! We all will manage!

Q: How far apart will they be? How is he measuring?

So depends on when he arrives!! Right now we are thinking they will be 21 months a part. I can’t believe it. I always said I wanted them close, in age but then when it got time to get pregnant again, I was like “how in the world are people doing this”?!

As far as measuring, my due date is May 11, but our last growth scan he was measuring big. Obviously we aren’t changing my “due date” but the computer said he was almost 3.5 lbs already (that was at 28 weeks) and said due date May 1st! We shall see, but I would LOVE for him to come May 1st! I am so ready to meet him!

Q: Are there any parenting things you know you’ll do differently with baby boy?

Hmmmm I don’t think so?! I feel like we were pretty chill with Rosie and plan to do that again with baby boy.

Q: Do you self-tan while you’re pregnant?

I do, I feel like I am my best self with a tan lol! Of course I always suggest talking with your doctor and doing your research. I have been alternating between Beauty by Earth all organic from Amazon and Isle of Paradise

Q: Now that you’ve had one kid, what are your baby must-haves?

Ok we for sure are going to do a FULL post on what we are pulling from the attic and what we are re ordering but for sure love

-snuggle me organic (working on getting a code)

4 moms pack and play (what Rosie slept in until 6 months)


hatch sound machine

owlet monitor


Haakaa Breast Pump

UppaBaby Stroller


Halo Sleepsack

Q: Did you show quicker this time around?

Oh man I have popped and been popped sis! So much faster. They say thats normal! I am trying to just remind myself that I am growing a miracle and to give myself grace. No matter how much weight I gain, or how big my feet grow, or how I feel about my body, I am so thankful for this baby.

Q: Was he planned or a surprise?

Idk how much I want to go into this without crossing a personal line but I guess I can say we weren’t not trying but like I mentioned above but I wasn’t sure if I was ready?? Idk lol but I do know that God knows better than me and I needed baby boy during such a vulnerable time in my life that I am forever thankful for.

Idk how much I want to go into this without crossing a personal line, but I guess I can say we weren’t not trying, but like I mentioned above I wasn’t sure if I was ready?? Idk lol but I do know that God knows better than me and I needed baby boy during such a vulnerable time in my life, and for that I am forever thankful.