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I am going to start by saying that every birth story is different and in no way shape or form do I want to scare you or have you compare your story with mine. I remember the week I found out I was pregnant with Rosie, I read a friends birth story and immediately started to get nauseous lol. After that, I decided I wanted to be ignorant about labor during my entire pregnancy (aka not google or take a birthing class) since I just wanted to trust the doctor and not psyche myself out. 

ANYWHO after all that, Monday the 19th we went to our usual morning appointment at 39 weeks and 4 days. Once we sat down and the nurse took my blood pressure, Ted started to freak. I looked over, and saw it read 150/100. The doctor came in, said I was 2 cm dilated and because I have protein in my urine and my blood pressure was so high, I was showing signs of Preeclampsia,  and she was going to induce me. I had little of no knowledge of what being induced looked like and went in with no expectations!

Thankfully, we already had our bags packed (that blog post is here) and we went on our way to the hospital. I called my sister and mother, cried a lot, then checked in lol! The biggest mistake I made before checking into the hospital was not eating. I was too busy freaking out about being induced, that I forgot to grab something to eat on the way to the hospital room. I knew better! I ended up being SO incredibly hungry! So on your way to the hospital, EAT something! 

Anywho, we checked in Monday at around 10:30am and we didn’t have Rosie until 7:38 PM the next day (30+ hours of labor). It was a LONG process, but of course so incredibly worth it. Jesus was in the room, every step of the way. Since I was induced, the entire first day was kinda a wash. At 4am, my water broke (on its own) and I started to get small contractions. Around 6am is when I called for the epidural because I was for ALL the meds I can get. I really should have listened to my body because once I was injected with the epidural, I only felt it on the left side of my lower half. The doctor said that gravity had something to do with it and to lay on my right hand side and it will “kick in”. WELP he was wrong. I could feel pretty much every contraction. I had him come back 4 times and they would just give me extra meds each time. Looking back I should have just re-did the entire epidural. At one point I was 8cm dilated and in TEARS because I could feel it all. Honestly any mamas out there that did this 10000% naturally, I kinda want to cry for you because I got a taste of the pain and you are a super mom!! 

Eventually I was stuck at 8cm dilated for about 4 hours and I was told that if I don’t dilate anymore, they would have to do a C section. You should have seen the look on my face. Basically I was like “HELL NO I have been in labor how long already?!” I will give it a couple more hours. 

I was determined to get fully dilated so I used the peanut ball and did lots of exercises to get to 10cm. I also ended up begging my angel nurse to stay 1 more hour with me so she can help with delivery since she was the one walking me through everything the entire day (Looking back, I can’t believe I asked, and I can’t believe she stayed!!). I also basically asked her to deliver Rosie because by the time I was ready to push, our doctor hadn’t made it back to the hospital from picking up her kids up from karate lol!! Luckily she stalled and the doctor made it just in time to help deliver Rosie. Once I started to push, I mentally was so exhausted that I didn’t think I could have gone through with it. Luckily 30ish minutes lady, baby girl was ready to make her debut at 7lbs 8oz and 21 inches long! 

Our hearts and our lives will never be the same and I thank Jesus for a safe delivery! Thankful that our prayers have been answered and for such a sweet happy, healthy baby. Also a little tip, a worship playlist also helped!

As far as preeclampsia, I have gotten quite a few messages and what I can say is just check with your doctor if you are worried you might have it. I was at risk for it the entire time with how swollen I was! They monitored my blood pressure pretty closely and luckily I did not have a serious case!

As far as post pregnancy – yall helped me a LOT! I had no idea stitches would be a thing, and recovery would be so tough. I tore pretty bad and when I asked my doctor how many stitches I ended up having to get, she said “A LOT”. It took an additional 45 minutes to push out the placenta and stitch it all up. I used lots of adult diapers, tuck tuck, hemorrhoid cream, and ice packs. It took about 2 weeks to fully fully recover and feel like I can stand for long and walk normal again!

Welp this ended up being the longest post to date lol! We really can’t thank y’all enough for your constant love, sweet words, encouragement, and just being there for our little family. Rosie is so blessed to have all the sweetest internet Aunties out there cheering her on!!

Oh & 10/10 would recoomend a birthing photographer! If you have any additional questions, ask away below and I will be sure to answer!

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  1. I am currently pregnant with my first and have to know, what is a tuck tuck??? I have seen you talk about it a couple times but can’t find anything online called that! Thanks so much and congrats on your beautiful baby girl!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I had such a similar experience to you! No preeclampsia but the lonnnnnnng labor and the epidural only working on one part of my body was spot on. I really commend you for pushing through. I ended up having a c-section because my body was not made for having babies naturally, unfortunately. Rosie is precious and I love following along!

  3. I love all birth stories. Everyone most definitely has a different story but I find them all so interesting and beautiful. Way to hang in there! I got an epidural with my first and had to have it wear off some so I could feel to push! Haha. Second baby, be ready. I barely made it to the hospital in time to deliver, so I was SOL with getting an epidural ?. Haha. Recovery was was better the second time than the first. Maybe because I knew what to expect? Maybe Bc you don’t have as much time to rest with number 2? Anyhow, best wishes with that sweet baby girl of yours!

  4. you are amazing and so glad Rosie is here and you are doing well! I am due in February and hoping the epidural takes! Have you used any type of postnatal waist trainer to “put everything back” in the right place? I have heard of them but not sure if it’s something really helpful or not. Thanks!

  5. My birth story is extremely similar! Had to be induced, was a surprise to me, checked into the hospital at noon and didn’t deliver till 5:15p the next day. My epidural would also disappear on the left side when I would lay on my right. The word c section was throw around around 2p and I was scared to death as well. It’s so nice to hear someone else with a similar story with an also happy ending ?

  6. Thanks for this! Love knowing I have a scheduled csection so I won’t have to remember a special day that way!! Such trauma.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I cried reading this, I can relate so much. I gave birth last week and also was in labor for 30+ hours. It was both physically and mentally the most challenging experience of my life. After 5 hours of pushing, the midwife was contacting the doctor about a c section. I started crying immediately but was determined to get my baby out vaginally, I had come way too far. Somehow I found the strength and to this day I’m still not sure how I did it but the female body is amazing! I agree with you, to any mothers who did it naturally, you are in a league of your own, it was a pain like no other that I could never have planned for. Birth is beautiful but I’m glad my sweet baby boy is here safely and it’s over! Congrats on your bundle, your sweet little girl is beautiful!

  8. Thank you for sharing your story. I also had issues with my blood pressure but just toward the end of my pregnancy. I had to monitor it at home for the last 2 1/2 weeks and then ended up staying an extra night in the hospital because it was still reading high. It also took the anesthesiologist 3 times to get my spinal block correct for my c-section! My poor husband had no idea why it was taking them so long to bring him into the OR.

    I have so much more respect for my body after going through pregnancy. Although I didn’t get to have the delivery I planned due to our son being breech, I remind myself that my body still helped protect and nourish our precious baby boy as he was developing. He was born Feb 15th weighing 10 lbs 1.5 oz and just about 21” long! I’ve also come to realize that it doesn’t matter how we bring our babies into the world. It’s whatever is best for us & our babies!! Rosie is so precious. Welcome to Motherhood!!

  9. Congrats mama!
    The epi took only half for me too, so by the time I was 9cm, it completely wore off! Felt the whole delivery and some of the stitches too, ouch!!
    With my 2nd, the anesthesiologist had magic hands and a didn’t feel a single thing once it kicked in and for like 7 hours after deliver lol

  10. Hi! Congrats again! Rosie is just adorable ? Just wanted to say that I have had three births and every time my epidural never worked on my left. My docs(who were diff with all 3 pregnancies) told me it was because my spine is twisted and curved. I have scoliosis, not severe, but apparently enough to effect it. So I feel your pain. ? All worth it in the end!

  11. Dede ? what a beautiful story! I had my second so quickly I didn’t have time for an epidural (which was not my plan) but wow! If you can do it, do it next time! My recovery for my first sounds like how yours is. It was brutal & I had an epi with her (I believe it worsens recovery!) my second the recovery was so much easier & I tore just as bad as the first time! Just having a baby in general is a super power ✌? Great job!!

  12. Thank you for sharing your story and not making it super scary! I’m 26 weeks and found out I’ll most likely be induced a week earlier due to gestational diabetes. I’m a first time mama and am scared for delivery but know God is good. Thank you for the worship play list idea! ?

  13. I had the same issue with epidural! Gravity didn’t fix anything ??‍♀️ Hate you had to experience that too! It’s rough.

  14. I can totally relate and so happy you were able to stick it out! I was due about 2 weeks before you! Also an August baby. I went to the hospital Saturday night around 10 pm but I was only 2cm dilated so hospital sent be back home (it’s a 39 min drive) and by the time i got home my contractions were unbearable and i started vomiting so we had to drive all the way back. This time contractions were about 2 min apart and I was only 3 cm. So they put me on morphine to help with the pain this was around 3 am. By 8 am Sunday finally hit 4cm so i was induced and given the epidural. I didn’t hit 10 cm until Monday morning around 12am. I pushed for over two hours . The nurse told me it was time for a break and that’s when the doctor came in and told me I needed to have an emergency csection because the baby’s heart jumped to 180 and then flatlined . My poor hubby had stepped out for coffee and walked in to then telling him to get dressed ASAP . I remember going into the room and i started to vomit and i hear them say baby’s blue and not breathing. I was so numb and completely out of it my body couldn’t react i just remember looking at my husband as they called him to go over. I must have passed out not long after that because I woke up 3 hours later in recovery and my husband walking in with the baby in the bassinet. As scary as it was, I would do it all over again for him.

  15. Must admit getting a Lil scared here! ?
    I’m like you the less i know is better but damn i had to read this! Hopefully ill be AS strong as you!!
    Currently in week 28 ?
    PS. Hello from denmark ??

  16. Honesty, I was so worried about you when I saw you in stories with the swelling. So happy you and your babe are happy and healthy.

    I was diagnosed w/ severe Pre-E with my twins. Wasn’t packed or ready when we headed to the hospital, ended up with an emergency c-section and the girls had some issues. I lost a lot of blood and drugged up with the magnesium sulfate for the pre-e and didn’t get to see my girls (other than FaceTime) for 36 hrs, and didn’t get to hold one of my girls for 5 days. I’m still traumatized and don’t plan on getting pregnant again.

    I appreciate you sharing your journey. Things don’t always happen as we imagine but we’re not alone. ? Congratulations to you and your husband.

  17. This is so sweet, I teared up at your photos! How long was your photographer there? She got some awesome pics! Would you also mind sharing your worship playlist? I love that idea!!

  18. What a beautiful story!! I was wondering if your shoe size went back to normal? I can’t help but think of all your cute shoes from
    Prepregnacy haha!

  19. Girl this is like dejavu reading this. Last Nov I had my 3rd baby. My BP was perfect up until my 37th week. It was in the 150s. I was sent over to be induced. I also felt pain on one side. Like felt EVERY DANG THING. The epidural just didn’t work at all on my left side. They had to insert this ball that gets blown up inside me to help dilate me. The contractions…..oh lord the contractions….wow. Next day he came. 7lbs 9oz 21inches! I feel your story!! You rocked it momma. It’s so cliche but after all is said and done…those precious babies are worth it all. How amazing was the squirt bottle on your vag? Haha I had one in every bathroom back home.

  20. This made me cry (I blame my hormones). I’m so nervous to go into labor and it helps me reading other birth stories (even the scary ones). I love following your journey!!! So happy you had a safe delivery and the cutest little girl!

  21. This reminds me so much of my birth with my daughter ❤️ They had me do an emergency induction because her heart rate had an arrhythmia and they couldn’t find much fluid on my scan. They also said she was growth restricted and small. I labored on pitocin for 34 hours and wouldn’t go past a 2. It turned out a procedure I had 10 years ago left scar tissue on my cervix that wouldn’t let me dilate. I wanted a natural birth but once they said they needed to manually break my scar tissue I asked for the epidural! My epidural only worked on half of my body and you know how that goes…it sucked! I regretted getting it since it didn’t even fully take the pain away! I immediately was at a 10 and when I started to push my midwife said that if I didn’t get this baby out soon I’d need a csection. I was so worn out after not sleeping for 72 hours and laboring for then 36 hours so I prayed that God would give me the supernatural strength I needed to push this baby out and I felt the most powerful surge of my life! I pushed my angel out after 20 minutes and to everyone’s surprise she was a healthy size and her arrhythmia was cured/corrected during the birth, which they say can happen from being squeezed through the birth canal. A true miracle! I am so happy reading your story of empowerment and the strength that God gave you to make it through! Praying for your beautiful family ❤️

  22. Love a birth story! They are all beautiful in their own way. I’ve had 3 natural deliveries and I have to say, position is key to pain relief! It makes all the difference. My hospital deliveries were far more painful due to being forced in a bed and on my back at times vs my last one was a homebirth and was nearly painless! I delivered her in my bathroom on all fours on the floor. Maybe not the most glamorous lol! But I’ll take it any day over the pain of my hospital births in a bed! 😉

  23. I ended up getting preeclampsia with my baby girl too! A LOT earlier than you. I got it at 32 weeks. My blood pressure was 180/110 at the highest and my kidneys began to fail. (I jokingly say I was a real life Greys Anatomy episode) they ended up having to take me back for an emergency C Section. Baby girl had to be in the NICU for 17 days. Longest 17 days of my life. But she just turned 2 (the day Dorian hit, girl was born during Irma and turned 2 during Dorian. I call her Hurricane Adalyn) preeclampsia is scary! I’m glad your story wasn’t as bad as mine. Rosie girl is the SWEETEST nugget. What a little doll baby.
    I’m also super jealous y’all live in Houston. I visited this past March and fell in LOVE. I’ll be coming back next March too!! And secretly hoping I run into y’all somewhere.

  24. How were you emotionally after Rosie was home? I remember thinking “do i have post party’s depression?” Bc my “baby blues” lasted for longer than 2 weeks! Thankfully i felt back to my normal self about a month after, just wondering how you felt?

  25. Dede,
    Thank you for sharing! I’ve been following you for years and I think you are so amazing! You’re so real and genuine. I love how you’re always yourself and never trying to be something you’re not. I tell people all the time you’re one of my favorite bloggers. I hope if my blog takes off like yours, I’ll keep it real like you do! I love following along with you!!! – Erin (moody.wife on IG)

  26. Wow! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I went through the exact same thing with the epidural. It only worked on the left side of my body. The pain was immense and in my case it was too late to try it again. Thankfully my baby boy decided he was in a rush to get into this world. Enjoy every second with Rosie. When they say it goes by fast, it really does. Can’t wait to see more pics of Rosie and her beautiful mamma.

  27. Wow I couldn’t imagine feeling it at all after an epidural! You are a trooper! I agree with you on eating before. People should also hydrate before. Once I was in active labor I didn’t want to drink anything but then I was super dehydrated and it was hard for them to start an IV!

  28. Love birth stories. Little Rosie is so precious. I started following along a couple months ago and think your little fam bam is the sweetest. Congrats mama!! Could you share her little schedule?? Y’all make it look easy ?

  29. I had a perfect pregnancy loved being pregnant and like you didn’t want to know too much about delivery because it may have scared me to even want to get pregnant. I begged to be induced at 39 weeks which was a big mistake because he was not ready to come. Two days later and five doctors later I delivered via an emergency c-section which was awful. My son is fine thank God. I love the idea of having a Jesus playlist and love how you contribute the successful delivery of your beautiful baby girl to Jesus being in the room. Parenthood is the greatest gift from God and being a parent is such a privilege. Loved reading your story.

  30. I had my first baby all natural, not by choice, we got to the hospital too late. It was horrible.

    My second, I asked for the epidural early on, but it didn’t work 🙁 Then to too it off I had leaking spinal fluid because the epidural didn’t heal correctly, worst headache of my life!

    I’m so glad Rosie is here, healthy, and Mama is healing well. ♥️

  31. Love the pics! ♥️ You are a trooper for getting those 2 cm done. You’re a strong mommy. Not having kids and something similar happening to my bestie (who did have to have a c-section) I’m kinda scared haha. But at least I know. I also love how you said we are all her aunties hahaha. We are a big social media family.

  32. My story is similar to yours, I was induced and it took 65 hours from check in to her being born! ? my epidural started wearing off when it was time to push. We definitely felt the love and prayers during that time. Congratulations on the baby!

  33. When I had my first, I got an epidural that only went straight to my legs. I kept pushing the button for more medication thinking it would help and really all I was doing was completely numbing my legs til they were dead weight! I couldn’t move them at all ? my poor husband and mom had to help a handful of nurses hold them up cause I had no control over them, all the while still feeling every contraction. I think it’s crazy how many people have issues with their epidural but no one ever tells you beforehand that it’s a possibility it might not work for you. I’m having #2 in December and I’m really hoping for one that works this time! ????

  34. I think first babies like to be difficult!! I was induced after being 1.5 weeks overdue. Not in the plan for a natural birth. After 18 hrs of labor, no food, no meds, and severe 3rd degree tears, our little made his appearance.

    Luckily #2 was opposite, went into labor at noon and delivered naturally at 7:30pm with very minor tearing. Hopefully if your planning another it will go so much smoother.

    Crazy how our bodies do such amazing things ?

  35. Thank you for this! I’m due in 2 weeks and tearing during birth is my biggest fear!! I’m also petite like you. Glad to hear you were feeling ok after 2 weeks. You had me fooled, you looked great right away!

  36. 30+ hours! You’re a trooper! Every mamas birth story is so so different and being pp 8mos, I still love reading them. I grateful for my epidural working and only have active labor for 9 hours but I pushed for 1.5hour, swear my eyes were close the whole time trying to get through it. Our bodies are truly wonderful. Bless you and your family on this new chapter !

  37. Love this! Due in Jan, and I’m in the same place I don’t want to know anything! But this was helpful without being terrifying ? would you mind sharing who you used for a birth photographer?

  38. So so excited Rosie is finally here…it seems like just yesterday you announced you were expecting her! She is one lucky little gal to have you and Ted as parents, and is loved so much by all her internet aunties ?

  39. Love your birth story! My baby girl is 13 days old. I was also induced, for a different medical reason. I tried going as long as I could without an epidural, but it was just SO painful, my contractions were strong and back to back. It helped with most of the pain, but I could still feel the contractions. I pushed for 3 hours when the doctor told me to consider a c section and I said the same thing, I did not just go through all this to have a c section.

  40. You are a rockstar! I have 4 kids and never had an epidural take all the way! Always one side or a partial area I could feel everything. Your family is beautiful!

  41. Thank you for sharing! I also had a similar birth story. I was induced because the risk of me having Polyhydramnios. I was in labor for 24 hours and had TWO failed epidurals. They told me it was because I have scoliosis. I pushed for 3 hrs and had a little girl weighing 9lbs 11oz. I felt everything. I then hemorrhaged and had to have 2 blood transfusions. It was the most scariest things in my life but I did not realize how strong I actually am. I was in the hospital for 5 days. Absolutely love following you and can’t wait to get fashion inspo for my daughter from Rosie!

  42. Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve had 3 daughters and every one of their birth stories is different (2Csections, 1 oh natural?). Just wanted to say I just started following your Instagram and I love how many Christian ladies I’ve found on here. You look incredible and have a beautiful family. God Bless!

    1. Oh Tammie this made me burst into tears!! First, thats amazing you go mama for a natural birth!! Second, I am SO glad you are here and makes my heart burst that you also have been able to connect to other amazing ladies on here!! THANK you for sharing!!

  43. Bless you Mama! I can’t even imagine. Somehow the Lord bestows extra strength…and maybe some delirium…in that labor room to get us through! Our bodies and stamina and grit just astound me. Well done and she is one sweet sweet girl!

  44. My birth story was similar! My baby girl came a few days before yours at 9 lbs 13oz! And my epidural I only felt on my right side and told me the same thing about gravity but it never kicked in and everything wore off by the time it was time to push! Luckily it also only took me 30 minutes to push! Those little sweet faces are so worth it though!

    1. Love birth stories and how different everyone’s experience is. Thank you so much for sharing yours with all of us!
      My epidural didn’t work either so I fully understand the pain. Your family is absolutely beautiful. Thanks again for sharing your life with all of us!

  45. Love love reading birthing stories so much. Its amazing how not one is likely to be the same. Ive had three pregnancies- 4 babies (last set twins) and not one went even close to the others. You and your family are amazing and you guys made such a beautiful little girl that is going to rule the world someday and break lots of hearts. (In a good way ha) ♥️♥️

  46. My first baby i to had an epidural and only half my body took it! It was painful and awful. My second did the same thing! Not sure if it was just my body not taking it all or well. But anywho good job momma! She’s so dang cute!

  47. Thanks for sharing your story! Mine is very similar to yours. I’m a nurse in Labor and Delivery and I see women deliver their babies every day. I always tell my “moms” which ever way you decide to deliver; pain medicine or not YOU are a super mom for bringing a new life into the world! The healing process takes time, give yourself grace and enjoy that sweet little baby. ❤️

  48. My epidural didn’t work either, you poor thing!!! I’m so glad everything went OK and you and sweet baby are healthy!

  49. Love how every birth story is so different! My epidural with my first only took on half my body too! and it was a whole of a difference with my second when it fully took and I was like “am I even giving birth right now?!” lol. Love following your fam, thanks for sharing!

    1. Everyone keeps saying that! Oh yeah when the epi would kick in, I was like lets rock and roll haha but then after 5 mins when it wore off, I was like wait come back haha! Glad its over and gosh thank you for being here!! Means so much!!

  50. Thanks for sharing your story! You’re right, everyone’s labor and delivery story is unique and just the way it needed to be to have a safe delivery. Kudos to you for sticking to your birthing plan of having a vaginal delivery after all of those hours of labor! Beautiful story and photos!

  51. Thank you for sharing this story! I’m due in 2 1/ weeks and this was super helpful! Definitely getting that Jesus playlist ready!
    Which adult diapers did you get? And where is the post for what you packed for your hospital bag?

    1. Ahhh youre so close mama, I am so excited for you!! Yess that worship playlist is a MUST! I tried both depends and always and I liked the always one better! I fixed the link and added it!!

      xx Dede

      1. I just wanted to chime in and say that I also tried both depends and always and I preferred the always ones as well! Something about the fit was just better and more comfortable for me.

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