Falling for Fall Decor

I freaking love fall and always look forward to switching up the decor around the house! We stopped at the nursery this weekend after church to pick up some pumpkins with the kids and I even talked Ted into stopping on the side of the road to cut down some wild pampas grass for my fall arrangements. Came back home and put everything together inside and out to make things festive and cute for the fall!

Gingham Mat | Jute Mat (similar) | Rattan Vase | Blanket Ladder | Planters

The front door is probably my favorite thing to decorate every year! Took me a few tries to arrange everything but I think I got it to a good place. Love picking different colored pumpkins (and even some ugly ones lol) for some variety!

Bowl | Small pumpkins | Large Pumpkin | Wooden Chain

Did a little DIY project last year and painted glass pumpkins similar to these. Would be such a fun arts & craft project with your kids!

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