Fall Floral Dress


Can’t believe tomorrow is already August. I won’t lie and say this month has gone by pretty fast because when you currently are baby watch, the days have been SO long to me anxiously waiting lol! Ted disagrees but then again idk if the kid knows what’s coming for him lol!

With August and September coming up, this is the time I start to transition my wardrobe to fall pieces that can still be worn now and later. Wore this midi dress to church on Sunday and I think its great transitional piece for fall! Of course, it doesn’t get cooler in Houston for a while but the colors and pairing with booties and a hat give me the fall vibes. This was a Walmart find and I’m so impressed with the quality and fit of it. Plus love that I got free two-day shipping and returns since my order was over $35. I included a couple of others I ordered below and some favorites!

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Camo Joggers

Top | Joggers | Shoes

May not be able to wear jeans but joggers are sorta the same right?! I’ve found a lot of great joggers lately but these I think take the cake. I found them at Express and thought they were so unique with the cutouts and of course love the bold camo print. While I was shopping their site I saw so many cute pairs of jeans and they are doing a special buy 1 get one $19.90. Now is usually about the time I shop for denim since fall is coming and brands bring out their new arrivals. Express is always one of the first places I go so I’ve included some of my favorites below!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We legit did NOTHING but sleep around the house and it was glorious. I felt so bad for Ted since I was so boring but he was so understanding! I just kept falling back asleep and I am not sure why. A lot of you said body is getting ready for baby and the lack of sleep that is to come lol! I also cut out caffeine due to my swelling so that’s been an adjustment. Anyways happy Monday girlfriends!

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Styling the Bump

I have had so much fun styling my bump throughout my pregnancy! I actually haven’t bought a lot of maternity pieces at all. I really like getting creative and just sizing up in things to fit the bump. I’ve included some of my favorite looks below!

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts have been a go to, especially now that I’m so far along. They are easy to throw on and actually comfortable to wear throughout the day. You can pair with a tank, tee, or sweater for when it gets colder. This style looks so put together that no one would know you barely tried!

Top(actually a dress) | Skirt | Shoes
Tee | Skirt(similar option)
Top | Skirt | Shoes
Tee | Skirt | Shoes


Bodycons are another favorite for the bump since they stretch and fit easily. They really show the bump and that something I really like about them. I think what a women’s body does during pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I’m proud to show it off! You can also style them so many different ways. A lot of time I liked just the simple bodycon with some accessories but I also could wear them underneath a skirt or put a tee or sweater on top like I did below!

Dress(similar option) | Booties(Similar) | Hat(similar option)
Dress | Shoes
Dress | Sweater
Top | Dress|Shoes


Before pregnancy I never really found myself grabbing a pair of overalls to put on but now I think they are so adorable with the bump! They are one of the only ways I wore shorts during this pregnancy!

Overalls | Tank | Shoes
Overalls | Tank | Shoes
Overalls | Top | Shoes
Overalls | Slides


When in doubt just throw on a maxi and you’re good to go for the day! This is probably the easiest style to put together and again super comfy all day. Can style a lot of different ways, I like to throw on a belt with the bump if it doesn’t have a cinched waist!

Dress(similar) | Bralette | Shoes | Belt
Dress | Shoes | Sunglasses


Nordstrom Sale For Everyone

Finally the everyone can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! They have done a couple restocks and still have some good stuff left. I included my favorites below that are in stock and worth taking a look at! If any others get restocked throughout the day I will update here as well as add new photos and let you know on IG stories!

Tan Coat: Topshop | Black Coat: Halogen | Top: Bp |Leggings: Zella(maternity/S)*tts fit is amazing & comfy | Boots: Steve Madden

Cardigan: Bp | Top: Bp | Leggings: Zella(maternity/S)*tts fit is amazing & comfy | Boots: Steve Madden

Jacket: Something Navy(S)*tts | Top: Bp | Shoes: Dolce Vita(9)*tts

Cardigan: Treasure & Bond(M)**tts | Top: Bp(S)*tts but oversized| Jeans: Free People(26, they do stretch out some) | Shoes: Converse(8)*size down .5

Cardigan: Topshop(S)*a little large/oversized | Top: Socialite(S)*Size up | Jeans: Free People(26, they do stretch out some) | Shoes: Steve Madden(9)

Jacket: BlankNYC(M)*tts | Jeans: Frame(26)

Cardigan: Topshop(S)*tts | Top: Caslon(M)*tts | Jeans: Frame(26) | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)*tts

Sweater: Topshop(M)*tts | Jeans: Frame(26)*tts

Jacket: BlankNYC(S)*tts | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)*tts

Blazer: J.crew(4R)*tts

Top: Tommy John(M)*tts | Bottoms: Tommy John(M)*tts

Katy’s Outfit // Cardigan: Barefoot Dreams(XS/S)*Size up | Top: Bp(XS)*tts | Leather Leggings: Spanx(M)*Size up

My Outfit// Cardigan: Barefoot Dreams(S/M)*tts | Leggings: Spanx

My Outfit// Blazer: Something Navy(XS)*tts | Pants: Bp(M)*tts

Katy’s Outfit // Pullover: Thread & Supply(M)*tts | Leggings:Zella(M)*Size up

My Outfit// Hoodie: Nike(L)*Size up | Shoes: Nike(8.5)*tts

Katy’s Outfit// Top:Caslon(S)*tts | Vest: North Face(S)*tts | Leggings: Zella(M)*Size up | Shoes: Nike(8.5)*tts

My Outfit// Top: Socialite(XL)*tts, sized up for bump

Jacket: Zella(M)*tts | Leggings:Zella(M)*Size up

My Outfit// Jacket: BlankNYC(M)*tts | Sweater: Caslon(M)*Size up if you want to wear as dress | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)*tts

Katy’s Outfit// Top: Caslon(M)*tts | Jacket: BB Dakota