Amazon Prime Day Finds

  1. Headphones: Have these and highly highly recommend, especially for traveling!!
  2. Echo Dot: We have these all over the house and love them! They are connected to a lot of things in our house so it’s super easy to turn things off when leaving or if you just don’t feel like getting off the couch!
  3. Yeti: Always a great thing to have! You really can’t beat the quality of Yeti but they are a splurge so finding them on sale is key!
  4. Vacuum: Seems like everyone and their mamma has this and talks so highly of it so finally getting one since ours is breaking down.
  5. Toaster Oven: Our family cannot believe we don’t have a toaster over so grabbing one of these as well!
  6. Headphones: Have heard great things about these and that people really like them for working out or taking calls in the office, etc.
  7. Ring Doorbell: This doesn’t make sense for us right now since we’re in the condo but went ahead and go it since it’s on sale for our future house!
  8. Speaker: This is the speaker we have in our house and Ted loves it so much!
  9. Nespresso: We love love our Nespresso so much! We have had a Keurig in the past and they are great but the quality of this machine is just so great!

Other favorite finds(not pictured above)

  1. Sneakers: Such a great find for under $30!! They come in a lot of other colors that are on sale as well!
  2. Eye Liner: This liner is the one I use everyday and love it!!
  3. Whitestrips: Can’t believe the sale one these! Definitley grabbed these to stock up!
  4. Makeup Bag: This is the bag that I have for my makeup and I really love it! It’s large and perfect for travel and organization!
  5. Self Tan: I alternate between a couple tanners and this is one of them! Have used it for years and really like it!
  6. Wet Brush: These things are amazing! I use mine everyday and it really seem easier to brush through my hair!
  7. Coat: Excited to try this coat! Looks like a great find so will see how the quality is.
  8. Blow Dry Brush: Have heard so many good things about this brush!
  9. Packing Cubes: Cant wait to try these for traveling! I usaully roll my clothes but this seems like a great idea!
  10. Book: Grabbed this book to add to my shelf in the office!

Also my full baby registry blog post is here for those interested! I asked y’all your favorite baby products and took days to go through, do research, and register! Find the post here!

  1. Play Mat: Such a cute play mat/activity gym!
  2. Zooby: This is a product you guys suggested so I added to my registry!
  3. Car Seat: Car seats can be such an expensive buy so love to find one on sale!
  4. Top: Love this little Adidas top!
  5. Shoes: These are the absolute cutest! Had to order!
  6. Pacifer Clip: This is another product that was highly recommended by you guys! It’s a pacifier clip that is also a teether!
  7. Diapers: Great time to stock up while on sale!!
  8. Activity Center: Has great reviews on amazon!!

Top Picks Of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019


Pullover: Thread & Supply(M)*tts | Leggings: Zella(M)*size up | Shoes: Adidas(8)*size down half size

Last year wasn’t as impressed with this pullover since it didn’t have the fuzzy fabric on the inside(I know I’m picky) but this year they changed the game and it is inside and out! Also, Zella leggings are definitely a go-to since they are pricey and NEVER go on sale otherwise. Adidas on major sale too and chose this color to go with so many outfits!

Regular Price: $78/$59/$85 | Sale Price: $50/$39/$63

Cardigan: Barefoot Dreams(XS/S)*Size up | Top: Bp(XS)*tts | Leather Leggings: Spanx(M)*Size up | Shoes: Adidas(8)*Size down

I have raved about barefoot dreams so much(love their blankets!) so had to get this. It is lightweight but so so soft!! I do want to size up one just because I want it to be a little bit bigger. Also these spanx leggings are so good! I will say size up on these too because if you get them too small they are uncomfortable!

Regular Price: $116/$25/$98/$85 | Sale Price: $76/$15/$64/$63

Katy’s Outfit // Pullover: Thread & Supply(M)*tts | Leggings:Zella(M)*Size up | Shoes: Uggs(9)*Size up

Sisters style is relaxed so she was a lot about the fuzzy pullover and fuzzy slippers! I got a medium in the pullover to make sure it fit bump but she said that she preferred it oversized as well so medium worked perfect!

Regular Price:$78/ $59/ $85| Sale Price: $50/ $39/ $54

Hoodie: Nike(L)*Size up | Leggings: Zella(M)*Size up | Shoes: Nike(8.5)*tts

Could not believe the price on this hoodie and you know it’s great quality since its Nike! Love the color of these leggings. Sometimes this color can look unflattering but because Zella is such great quality these look so good on! Also, finding Nike’s(especially cute ones like these) under $100 is so crazy!

Regular Price: $60/$65/$130 | Sale Price: $40/$43/$96

My Outfit// Top: Socialite(XL)*tts, sized up for bump | Leggings:Zella(M)*Size up | Shoes: Adidas(8)*Size down

Always grab some of these long sleeve waffle top every year! Perfect for layering or can style with athleisure like I did here!

Regular Price: $38/ $59/ $85  | Sale Price: $25/ $38/ $63

Katy’s Outfit// Top:Caslon(S)*tts | Vest: North Face(S)*tts | Leggings: Zella(M)*Size up | Shoes: Nike(8.5)*tts

Had to grab this North Face vest!! It’s one of those things that never goes on sale and is perfect for winter!

Regular Price: $29/ $150/ $59/ $130 | Regular Price: $19/ $99/  $38/ $96

Jacket: Zella(M)*tts | Leggings:Zella(M)*Size up | Shoes:Adidas(8)*Size down

Another great Zella find! These are the pieces to grab cause they will definitley go first!

Regular Price: $89/ $69/ $85 | Sale Price: $58/ $38/ $63


Cardigan: Topshop(S)*tts | Top: Caslon(M)*tts | Jeans: Frame(26) | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)*tts | Hat: Brixton(XS)

This cardigan is oversized and I will definitely be wearing all fall! Just paired with the tee which is a perfect basic to snag and these Frame jeans that are super flattering. I had to get the new Sam Edelman boots this year even though they are a bit of a splurge but if you are getting them now is definitely the time!!

Regular Price: $68/$25/$220/$224/$88| Sale Price: $44/$15/$146/$149/$58

Jacket: BlankNYC(M)*tts | Cami: Bp(M)*tts, sized up for bump | Jeans: Frame(26) | Shoes: Vince Camuto(8.5) | Hat: Brixton

I actually have the BlankNYC leather jacket from last year and wore it so much that I had to get this years as well! The quality/fit on them are so good and they are so flattering. Also, I grabbed this lace cami in serveral colors/prints because I know I will be using it to layer all year long! I got a Medium because of bump but it is true to size so just order what you normally would!

Regula Price: $98/$39/$220/$150/$88 | Sale Price: $65/$25/$146/$99/$58

Sweater: Topshop(M)*tts | Jeans: Frame(26)*tts | Shoes: Vince Camuto(8.5)*tts

I’m pretty picky on sweater fabrics and hate when they are itchy but this one is a soft fabric that I could wear all day! These booties are a must if youre looking for shoes!! The pointy toe is flattering on the foot and they are very comfortable!

Regular Price: $68/$220/$150 | Sale Price: $44/$150/$99

Cami: Bp(M)*tts | Skirt: Halogen(S)*tts | Slides: Tory Burch(8.5)*tts

Love this look and this skirt! Perfect for bump but also would be super cute regular. I can see myself pairing this with so many things including graphic tees. Also, these slides such a great price! They are a little small on me right now because my feet are swollen lol.

Regular Price:$39/$119/$228 | Sale Price:$25/$78/$129

Top: Bp(XS) | Leggings: Spanx(M) | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)

This is like the first time I have ever gotten black leather boots but I am actually loving them! I think they are going to be so great for fall with dresses and jeans/leggings to change it up! Also, this BP top is an oversized tee and so comfy and perfect for layering!

Regular Price:$25/$98/$250 | Sale Price:$15/$64/$164

Cardigan: Bp(S) | Top: Bp(S) | Leggings: Spanx(M) | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)

So excited about this cardigan because it is so soft and leopard!! Have been seeing it so much so had to grab! I would stick with you normal size since it is an oversized/relaxed fit!

Regular Price:$69/$25/$98/$250 | Sale Price:$45/$15/$64/$164

Katy’s Outfit// Sweater: Bp(M)*tts | Skirt: BlankNYC*tts| Boots: Steve Madden

These over the knee boots I have to rave about! They are under $90 and great quality/flattering. I love the pointed toe once again and the stretch on the back of the shoe.

Regular Price: $39/$98/ $129 | Sale Price: $25/ $64/ $36

My Outfit// Dress: Leith(XS)*tts | Sweater: Bp(L)*tts if you want large fit size up | Boots: Vince Camuto(8.5) *tts

Showing different ways you can style this dress that is under $50 and a fav!! This sweater comes in a couple different colors and is great for layering!

Regular Price: $69/ $39/ $150 | Sale Price: $45/ $25/ $99

Katy’s Outfit// Top: Caslon(M)*tts | Jeans: Free People(25)*may want to size up but they do stretch | Shoes: Vince Camuto(8.5)*tts

Regular Price: $39/ $49/ $150 | Sale Price: $25/ $31/ $99

My Outfit// Jacket: BlankNYC(M)*tts | Sweater: Caslon(M)*Size up if you want to wear as dress | Scarf: Socialite | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)*tts

Regular Price: $98/ $39/ $220/ $239 | Sale Price: $64/ $25/ $146/ $159

I always look for a black leather jacket for fall but saw this one and thought it was such a great color! The fit is great and I think it would go with a lot of fall outfits!

My Outfit// Blazer: Something Navy(XS)*tts | Top: Bp(M)*tts | Pants: Bp(M)*tts

Regular Price: $119/ $39/ $55 | Sale Price: $78/ $25/ $35

Katy’s Outfit// Top: Bp(M)*tts | Pants: Halogen(2)*tts

Regular Price: $39/ $99 | Sale Price: $25/ $65

This blazer is so comfy yall! Sometimes with blazers I feel stuffy and like I cant move but this one is so perfect! Also, these pants are very lightweight and can be worn in the office or casual.

My Outfit// Sweater: Bp(M)*tts | Skirt: Chelsea 28(S)*tts | Flats: Steve Maddens(9)*Size up

Regular Price: $39/ $89/ $89 | Sale Price: $25/ $58/ $59

Katy’s Outfit// Sweater: Something Navy(XS)*tts |Jeans: Free People(25)*may want to size up but they do stretch | Shoes: Vince Camuto(8.5)*tts

Regular Price: $79/ $78/ $149| Sale Price: $49/ $51/ $99


Pj Set: Nordstrom Lingerie(M)*tts | Shoes: Uggs(9)*Size up

Have been wanting a pj set like this for so long and this one is the softest! Also bought the night shirt verson that is linked below. These shoes are so amazing and will definitley be wearing these babies out! Would recommend sizing up if you are on a half size!

Regular Price:$55/$85 | Sale Price:$35/$54

Top: Caslon(L)*tts | Joggers: Something Navy(S)*tts |Shoes: Uggs(9)*Size up

Comfy has been my favorite and yall said thats what yall were looking for too! These joggers are perfect to lounge around the house in all day. They are super soft and dont show the bum like some joggers which I hate. Also, this tee is great for lounge or layering!

Regular Price: $15/$45/ $84 | Sale Price: $25/$29/ $54 

Top: Tommy John(M)*tts | Joggers: Something Navy(S)*tts | Shoes: Nike (8.5)*tts

A little mix of athleisure and pjs for you here! Love how soft this top is and could totally throw on some Nike’s and run an errand. Also these joggers are a favorite find! They are a thick material and flattering but still feel like you are wearing pjs!

Regular Price: $46/ $45/ $130| Sale Price: $30/ $29/ $96

Top: Tommy John(M)*tts | Bottoms: Tommy John(M)*tts | Shoes: Uggs(9)*Size up

This matching set is super lightweight and I could see myself wearing this nonstop. It also has matching pants if you want those for winter but personally, I get too hot to sleep in pants!

Regular Price: $46/ $48/ $84 | Sale Price: $30/ $32/ $54


Ted’s Outfit// Shirt: Theory | Short: Ag | Shoes: Sperry

Ted did a little bit of shopping too and found so many good things! This top is one he has bought in the past in different colors. Also these are his absolute favorite shorts! Ag is his go to for shorts but we ordered him some others to try so will share those once we receive!

Regular Price: $95/ $84/ $160 | Sale Price: $59/ $125/ $106


Blanket: Barefoot Dreams | Shoes: Uggs

The barefoot dreams blankets are on the sale this year and so excited!! They are definitely worth the price even thought they are a little bit of a splurge. I shared a more affordable one a couple weeks ago but that one was smaller in size than this one. This is definitely a large blanket!!

*I will be updating this post for the next couple days so keep checking here for more, you can bookmark this page!*

Its finally here and I hope yall are ready for the madness to begin!! I included items that I’m most excited for above and linked all the pieces I grabbed below. These are the ones I will be sharing first.  Of course doing lots of stories on IG, this is a great way to see and hear more details on the pieces!! You can find my Instagram here!

Thank You Nordstrom For Sponsoring This Post


BP Lace Cami

Bp Tshirt

Caslon Tshirt

Caslon Plaid Button Up


Topshop Sweater

Topshop Sweater

Bp Sweater

Free People Turtle Neck

Caslon Sweater

Caslon Sweater


Madewell Cardigan

Bp Cardigan

Bp Cardigan

Something Navy Cardigan

Topshop Cardigan

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan


Spanx Leggings

Something Navy Joggers

Something Navy Joggers

Bp Joggers

Free People Jeans

Frame Jeans

BlankNYC Skirt

BlankNYC Skirt

Bp Skirt

Bp Skirt

Chelsea 28 Skirt

Dresses & Jumpsuits

Free People Dress

Leith Dress

BB Dakota Dress

Chelsea 28 Dress

Chelsea 28 Dress

Chelsea 28 Jumpsuit

Harper Rose Jumpsuit

Coats & Jackets

Something Navy Blazer

Something Navy Jacket

Jcrew Blazer

BlankNYC Coat

Athletic Wear

Zella Jacket

Nike Pullover

Zella Leggings

Zella Leggings

PJs & Matching Sets

Nordstrom Lingerie Pjs

Nordstrom Lingerie Sleepshirt

Tommy John Pjs// Top & Bottoms

Topshop Set// Top & Bottoms


Nike Sneakers

Adidas Sneakers

Tory Burch Slides

Steve Madden Flats

Vince Camuto Booties

Vince Camuto Booties

Sam Edelman Boots

Sam Edelman Boots

Marc Fisher Boots

Ugg Slippers


Brixton Hat

Sole Society Scarf


Chick-fil-a All Day

Dress: Amazon | Top: Amazon

Sooo pregnancy and cravings have gone a little like this… my first trimester I got the advice to “live your best life”, and so I did lol. I went off the deep end, not eating fruits or veggies and splurging on pop tarts, tuna footlong sandwiches, Mac n cheese, Lucky Charms, and Chick-Fil-A pretty much every day. I started to not feel my “best life” self and was soooo groggy. Second trimester I have found a balance of eating healthy, not going too crazy, and still indulging on all my favorite fast foods lol. Chick Fil A, 50 cent tacos from Jack In The Box, Chipotle, McDonalds, the list goes on and on lol.

Ever since I can remember, Ted has been so interested in credit cards, what credit cards are best for what purchases, and it really feels like I am trying to keep up lol! He is always researching new cards and constantly trying to find ones that fit our needs the best. I know we eat out a lot but with our crazy schedules it’s what works and we always try to incorporate healthy options too. That’s why this card is so perfect for us! The benefits are focused on stuff that is already big part of our lives like eating out (or ordering in) and travel. My cousin actually told us about the Wells Fargo Propel® Card at a recent family gathering. With the card you earn 3x points on eating out, ordering in, gas stations, rideshare, flights, hotels, rental cars, & popular streaming services. Basically our everyday life lol!

Thanks Wells Fargo for teaming up with us on today’s post!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Prep 2019

Dress Up Buttercup Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Nordstrom sale is here and the fun begins again!! I absolutely LOVE this time to be able to share items that are BRAND NEW and discounted for only a limited time. After the sale, the items go back to the original price! If you are not too sure what the hype is all about for this sale, I will keep it short and sweet, and break down everything you need to know below!


  • Every year Nordstrom has a HUGE sale (known as NSALE) that goes on for a couple of weeks.

When? (important dates)

  • July 9 – icon level cardholders (that’s me!) get to shop the sale in the store.
  • July 10 & 11 – icon and ambassador level cardholders are able to shop the sale in store!
  • July 11 at 12:30 pm ET – icon and ambassador level cardholders are able to pre-shop the sale online!
  • July 12 – known as the “Early Access Sale”. All Nordstrom cardholders are able to shop the sale before it opens to the public. I have seen it multiple years in a row and cardholders definitely get the best picks! So all you have to do is apply to be a Nordstrom card holder here if you don’t have one!
  • July 19 – The sale is finally open to the public! Everyone and anyone can shop the sale!
  • August 5 – Last day of the sale && all prices increase after the day is over!


  • So, why shop the sale? First, I mentioned the sale is unlike any other because these are newly released items. Typically a sale means they are wanting to get rid of it but these are all new releases!
  • Get ahead of the game for your fall wardrobe! This is the perfect time to shop for fall essentials since the majority of the items released are new fall arrivals. This is the time when I purchase my staples like jeans, booties, etc.
  • They don’t only release fall wardrobe! They also release some of my favorite work out gear that I wore all year long during this sale. The other half of the sale includes work out gear, and summer looks that you can wear now!
  • Because who wants to pay full price after the sale ends?


  • First things first, be sure to check out this page here for CONSTANT nsale updates! I get access on July 9th so I will be the first to shop the sale and be ready to share all nsale items with you starting Thursday(the 11th) evening! I also have lots or brands sending me items beforehand that I can choose to share if I like it and it is apart of the sale!
  • I will be blogging, insta storying, posting on IG, etc of all my favorite finds. This isn’t my first rodeo so I know exactly what will sell out the fastest and I will have LOTS of clothes pre-hand already sent to me so I can be the first to post before it sells out! The best items tend to sell out fast so I hope to be as helpful and resourceful to you all as possible!
  • Getting a Nordstrom Card to shop the sale early is KEY. The best tend to sell out during early access so it helps to have a card!
  • Once you get a card, be sure to use your triple point days on the days where you are going to shop until you drop!
  • Make a list of what you actually need. Do you need a refresher on jeans? New work out shoes? leggings? tees? cardigans?
  • Everything is free shipping and free returns. What I love THE MOST about Nordstrom. So if you are unsure, just order it anyways and it will never hurt to send it back.
  • Again, be sure to check back here! Lots of helpful posts will be released and I will be sure to be updating yall constantly on IG stories as well!