Nordstrom Sale For Everyone

Finally the everyone can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! They have done a couple restocks and still have some good stuff left. I included my favorites below that are in stock and worth taking a look at! If any others get restocked throughout the day I will update here as well as add new photos and let you know on IG stories!

Tan Coat: Topshop | Black Coat: Halogen | Top: Bp |Leggings: Zella(maternity/S)*tts fit is amazing & comfy | Boots: Steve Madden

Cardigan: Bp | Top: Bp | Leggings: Zella(maternity/S)*tts fit is amazing & comfy | Boots: Steve Madden

Jacket: Something Navy(S)*tts | Top: Bp | Shoes: Dolce Vita(9)*tts

Cardigan: Treasure & Bond(M)**tts | Top: Bp(S)*tts but oversized| Jeans: Free People(26, they do stretch out some) | Shoes: Converse(8)*size down .5

Cardigan: Topshop(S)*a little large/oversized | Top: Socialite(S)*Size up | Jeans: Free People(26, they do stretch out some) | Shoes: Steve Madden(9)

Jacket: BlankNYC(M)*tts | Jeans: Frame(26)

Cardigan: Topshop(S)*tts | Top: Caslon(M)*tts | Jeans: Frame(26) | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)*tts

Sweater: Topshop(M)*tts | Jeans: Frame(26)*tts

Jacket: BlankNYC(S)*tts | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)*tts

Blazer: J.crew(4R)*tts

Top: Tommy John(M)*tts | Bottoms: Tommy John(M)*tts

Katy’s Outfit // Cardigan: Barefoot Dreams(XS/S)*Size up | Top: Bp(XS)*tts | Leather Leggings: Spanx(M)*Size up

My Outfit// Cardigan: Barefoot Dreams(S/M)*tts | Leggings: Spanx

My Outfit// Blazer: Something Navy(XS)*tts | Pants: Bp(M)*tts

Katy’s Outfit // Pullover: Thread & Supply(M)*tts | Leggings:Zella(M)*Size up

My Outfit// Hoodie: Nike(L)*Size up | Shoes: Nike(8.5)*tts

Katy’s Outfit// Top:Caslon(S)*tts | Vest: North Face(S)*tts | Leggings: Zella(M)*Size up | Shoes: Nike(8.5)*tts

My Outfit// Top: Socialite(XL)*tts, sized up for bump

Jacket: Zella(M)*tts | Leggings:Zella(M)*Size up

My Outfit// Jacket: BlankNYC(M)*tts | Sweater: Caslon(M)*Size up if you want to wear as dress | Boots: Sam Edelman(8.5)*tts

Katy’s Outfit// Top: Caslon(M)*tts | Jacket: BB Dakota


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