Chick-fil-a All Day

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Sooo pregnancy and cravings have gone a little like this… my first trimester I got the advice to “live your best life”, and so I did lol. I went off the deep end, not eating fruits or veggies and splurging on pop tarts, tuna footlong sandwiches, Mac n cheese, Lucky Charms, and Chick-Fil-A pretty much every day. I started to not feel my “best life” self and was soooo groggy. Second trimester I have found a balance of eating healthy, not going too crazy, and still indulging on all my favorite fast foods lol. Chick Fil A, 50 cent tacos from Jack In The Box, Chipotle, McDonalds, the list goes on and on lol.

Ever since I can remember, Ted has been so interested in credit cards, what credit cards are best for what purchases, and it really feels like I am trying to keep up lol! He is always researching new cards and constantly trying to find ones that fit our needs the best. I know we eat out a lot but with our crazy schedules it’s what works and we always try to incorporate healthy options too. That’s why this card is so perfect for us! The benefits are focused on stuff that is already big part of our lives like eating out (or ordering in) and travel. My cousin actually told us about the Wells Fargo Propel® Card at a recent family gathering. With the card you earn 3x points on eating out, ordering in, gas stations, rideshare, flights, hotels, rental cars, & popular streaming services. Basically our everyday life lol!

Thanks Wells Fargo for teaming up with us on today’s post!