Compression Socks & PJs

Dress: Jockey

First day of glamping was a success! Ted and I decided to take a babymoon to spend some time together before we become a family of 3. We thought getting away from the city and glamping was the perfect way to relax and enjoy this time. We stayed here last year and absolutely loved it so Im so happy to be back! Literally, we did a whole lot of nothing and couldn’t be happier. We turned our phones on airplane mode(even though theres no service anyways) and stayed in our jammies all day(and of course did lots of eating lol). This sleepshirt is from Jockey so it is the softest fabric and was the perfect thing to lounge around in all day. They have really become a go-to for loungewear for me. I just stocked up on lots of undies and bras from them as well since I know their quality is great. I will be doing a roundup of my glamping trip but just wanted to share this for now!



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