Top: Endless Rose | Jeans: Levi’s | Earrings: Lisa Lerch | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Purse: Celine

Hi friends! Miss yall! I haven’t been home in a week and it is sooooo weird! I am loving the adventure in California but I am getting a little antsy getting back into my routine and going back to Orange Theory. That is sooo weird and sooo unlike me! Who am I?! Until I get back, I am going to soak up all of this BEAUTIFUL Cali weather. If it wasn’t so darn $$$ to move here, I would in a heartbeat! I promise to share more details on the two resorts we stayed at but until then, I wanted to share this look! I was so shocked when I found this little number on sale for $33 when originally it was almost $100. I wore this outfit all day while playing a tourist in LAX with the husband on Sunday! I can’t stop raving about these shoes because they are so dang comfy. I can’t believe I walked up and down Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills park in them and felt no pain!! I need to buy them for Emily because her feet always hurt in high heels lol!

Anyways, thanks for following along and for your sweet messages on our trip! See you back here tomorrow 🙂