Where I Buy Kid’s Clothes: Rosie & Jet Outfit Recap


I’ve loved dressing Rosie since before she was born lol. Of course you have to stock up on all of the baby necessities, but there’s something so exciting about shopping for little girls and buying them all of the things you like in a mini size! Now Rosie likes to dress herself and it’s the cutest thing although I’m sad its already happening so soon lol. She loves accessorizing with her bows, ALWAYS is grabbing a denim jacket and is obsessed with carrying her backpack. Now that she’s going to school a few days a week, we try to keep those outfits as comfy as possible (half the time she wears these pj pants to school lol). She’s currently wearing 2T-3T and size 8-9 in shoes.

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for her!


When I thought about dressing Jet I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to get creative with his outfits! I die when I see him in a vest, beanie or a pair of sneakers. We love Amazon and Kyte Baby jammies for him, and have been ordering a lot of his clothes from Zara lately. Jet is currently wearing 12-18M and a 6-7 in shoes (this boy won’t stop growing!)

Here are some of my favorite places to shop for Jet man:

Sweatshirt (Zara) | Joggers | Hat | Shoes

Beanie | Vest (Zara) | Jeans | Nike Dunks

Shop Rosie Clothes

Shop Jet Clothes