DM Round Up

February Week 2

Answering your most asked questions and sharing links to the most requested items from last week!

Can you link the white dress in your vday photo?

Yes! It’s from Nordstrom. Also comes in a really pretty light blue color. I ordered a small!

What happened to Chewy? Did I miss something?!

Haha no Chewy is still here!! He’ll be 13 this year! A lady that lives nearby has been messaging Ted about golden retriever puppies she has for sale and he’s been trying to convince me to get one…they’re so freaking cute I really want to say yes but with 2 babies I feel like that’s going to be madness lol. We’ll see…

What size did you get in the amazon pjs? I ordered an XL in the navy for an oversized fit and medium in the yellow ones! They’re so pretty and look $$ like the Anthro ones. Such a good find!

Please share tummy cream recs!

Y’all had some good recommendations for me! Here are some of the things/products you suggested:

Where is your quilted blue pullover from?

Free People! A little bit of splurge. Will keep an eye out for a similar more affordable option.

Did you ever share your Zara boots? I must’ve missed it, can you link?

When I went to share they were sold out!! I wore them all day and loved the way they looked but was sad they were uncomfortable. They really rubbed on my calves! I love my Sam Edelmans if you’re looking for a similar style boot.

What baby chair do you have for Jet?

We keep this activity center chair in the kitchen and he loves it!

Do you have a link for your cross necklace?

It’s from Red Dress! Layered it with my other gold necklaces.

Please link the lace bodysuit!!

I got it from Showpo!! It’s really pretty I just wish it was lined in the cups. Not sure how that’s supposed to work lol.

Did you order regular or petite in the pink jumpsuit?!

I ordred a small regular! Fits better than the Free People jumpsuit I think. More of a denim material and less baggy. There were so many questions on how you use the restroom when wearing a jumpsuit like that…you just unbutton it and pull it down like you would with a one-piece swimsuit haha.

What color is on your nails right now? It’s beautiful!

Thank you!! Just took off my Valentine’s Day manicure and went with a OPI Funny Bunny which is usually my go-to neutral.