What I Wore In October

October is always a special month to me because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! Couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the month than with our Spooky 5k. Loved seeing y’all come together in the fight against breast cancer, helping us raise over $16k for breast cancer research! How freaking. cool. Of course we had to also DIY a family Halloween costume this year, Mean Girls mom/daughters and the Beetles! Which one was y’alls fav? Made lots of time for friends and family—a concert, a few Astros games, a baby shower, you name it haha. Already gearing up for the holidays and getting SO excited! Rolled out our gift guides early in the month, and now eyeing all of the festive event dresses for upcoming parties/holidays.

Dress (medium) | Heels (8)

Jacket (small) | Joggers (small) | Tank (small) | Sneakers (8)

Shacket (medium) | Sweater (medium) | Leggings (small) | Boots (8) – Pink Lily code: DEDE20

Sweater (small) | Jeans (28)| Boots (8)

Dress (medium) | Boots (8) | Headband

Shacket (small) | Tank (similar) | Jeans (27) | Boots (8)

Bodysuit (small) | Cardigan (medium) | Jeans (28) | Hat | Boots (8)

Poncho | Leggings | Shoes

Blazer (medium) | Leggings (small petite) | Tee (small)

Full Costume Details

Dress (medium) | Boots (8)

Cardigan (medium) | Tank (small) | Jeans (similar) Boots (8) – Pink Lily code: DEDE20

Dress (medium) Heels (8)

Top (small) | Leggings (small) | Shoes (8)

Tank (small) | Skirt (medium) | Boots (8) – Pink Lily code: DEDE20

Top (small) | Skort (small)

Sweater (medium) | Jeans | Mules

Button down (medium) | Bodysuit | Boots

Sweater (medium) | Skort | Boots (8)