Top 5 Baby Products

My Outfit // Top | Shoes

Rosie’s Outfit // Top | Bottoms

Today I am going to chat about all the baby tools that we have ended up using and loving! I did find that our top 5 favorites all can be found at Walmart! Also, had to get her first plaid top for the pumpkin patch(from the boys section in Walmart lol) so cute! September at Walmart is Best of Baby Month so you can find amazing savings on baby brands!

  1. Owlet: This thing gives us such piece of mind while she is sleeping! The sock on her foot monitors her heart rate and oxygen levels and send an alert to your phone if anything doesn’t look right. The app is also very easy to use and has the camera so we can watch her sleeping as well. Plus, if you purchase this at Walmart you save $50!
  2. 4Moms Pack & Play: I feel like she loves this the most! It’s where she sleeps and also where we change her. Fits so easy in our room right now since were tight on space!
  3. Kiinde: This bottle system is genius! We had so many dirty dishes before and felt like it all stacked up so fast. These are quick and easy especially for on the go and storage!
  4. Halo sleep sack: Rosie loves her sleep sacks and so do we! They are super easy and she stays wrapped up great in these!
  5. Honest Diapers: These were highly recommended by you guys! They are hypoallergenic and made without latex, fragrances/lotions, and chlorine processing. So basically they are great for their sensitive skin. They have been great for Rosie so far and plus the roses are so cute!

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