Jewelry I’m Wearing Lately

I’ve always been a jewelry gal and I think I got that from my mama…she always wore lots of jewelry, especially bangles! Some of my most prized possessions are these pieces that I inherited from her!

A lot of the gold bracelets I wear day to day are hers, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions on the jewelry I’ve been wearing lately, so thought I’d cover some of my other favorites in this post. I swap out my necklace stacks a lot and change up what I wear from day to day, but will try to link as many of my most recently/frequently worn pieces!



  • Baxter Gold Paperclip Bracelet (Burdlife)- recently went to this shop in Houston where they do permanent jewelry! All of their chains are 18k gold filled so once they’re measured and fit on you, you don’t have to take them off to shower or anything.
  • Luca Gold Satellite Bracelet (Burdlife)
  • Bryn Floral Bracelet (Sacred & Stone) – have also been wearing this matching anklet with Rosie too! This small business was so sweet to give me a code blameitondede that you can use on their site!
  • Janis Savitt Gold Bracelet (Amazon) – this one was more of a splurge bracelet but something that reminded me of my mom! Love investing in nicer jewelry in hopes that I’ll be able to pass it down to Rosie one day.
  • Jet Bracelet (Electric Picks)
  • Gold Filled Bracelet Stack (The Callaway Collection) – code blameitondede



  • Pavoi Gold Ring (Amazon) – just got this to stack with my Oura ring
  • My wedding band!
  • Other rings from my mama :)