Gift Guide: For Him

1. Food and Beer without actually having to buy him food and beer? I think yes!
2. Every man loves a good speaker. Especially when it’s Bose.
3. This wallet is slim and fits perfectly in his pocket!
4. Keep him organized with this great docking station for all his knick knacks!
5. Mmm, Chanel is one of the best scents for men. You won’t be able to get enough of him!
6. Don’t just get him any watch, get him the Smart Fitness Watch.
7. This fluffy pullover will make you want to cuddle up next to him all the time!
8. Perfect comfy pants for him to lounge around in during the winter holidays!
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Last week we shared a guide For Her, so we can’t forget a guide for that special man in your life! Listed are some gift ideas for him that will make your shopping a whole lot easier.
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I wanted to say thank you again for sticking with me through all the Cyber Week madness. Thank you for the comments, entering the giveaway, watching snapchat, your feedback, etc. We survived! I went back in yesterday’s post at asterisked what I think is still valid for today incase you still have the shopping bug. The giveaway winner is also announced at the bottom of yesterdays post!
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Be sure to click on Holiday Shop for more gift guide ideas! It was just updated with more ideas.
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