DM Round Up

February Week 1

Answering your most asked questions and sharing links to the most requested items from last week!

Please share the mom group you’re a part of—I can’t find the link for the page!

The group is called MOPS! It’s a support group/life group/bible study of mamas and they have different chapters all across the country. The meeting is bi weekly but depends on your location! We all meet up usually weekly to hangout, sometimes with our kids, sometimes just us mom. It’s brought me so many friendships and has gotten me out of comfort zone a lot!

Are you the same size in all Abercrombie jeans?

I’m usually a 27 in their jeans, but length depends sometimes. I ordered a 27 short in the Curve Love Mom jeans and wish I would’ve gotten regular length. In this pair I ordered a 26 because they’re a naturally looser fit.

What eyeshadow do you wear?

I don’t usually wear eyeshadow but for the HH last week I used my Sigma palette! Also ordered this on Amazon to try.

What camera have you been using lately? Your video quality looks like a movie!

Thanks! So many of y’all have been asking me this!! I’ve actually been filming my videos on my camera instead of directly on Instagram and uploading from my camera roll. The quality has been so much better! Most of my photos are taken on my iPhone, occasionally a professional camera.

Can you link Jet’s baby jeans and suspenders?

His jeans are from Amazon, they’re actually Rosie’s old ones lol. The pair I bought are unavailable but these are similar! And these were the Valentine’s suspenders we used!

Where is Rosie’s Mickey set from?

The set is from Zara but I’m not seeing it online anymore. This sweatshirt from Amazon is similar and this one is really cute too!

What size do you wear in Tommy John? I never know what size to order!

I’m a medium in these top and bottoms and Ted’s a 2XL in both! He LOVESSS the second skin line. Truly does feel like second skin, the material is so good!

Am I getting old?! What does GRWM mean?!

Haha I should have probably written this out once—it stands for “get ready with me!”

Where are your white cowboy boots from?

This pair is Dolce Vita but I also have a pair from Amazon that are great and look almost identical!