Crushing on Hawaii

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^(just ordered, comes in white too) 
Sun Glasses (Chloe)
^(perfect for the beach)
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I introduce to you the items I have been crushing on for our trip to Hawaii. If you are planning on going somewhere tropical then this is your guide. I am obsessed with cute beach bags but they never fit in my suitcase. We try to only pack a carry on no matter where we go so you can imagine how tough packing could be for me. My procrastination also gets in the way when I packed for this trip literally 30 mins before we left for our flight. If I could though, I would have fit all these goodies in my bag. Especially this bathing suit that I forgot to order in time so I could bring it on the trip. Preparation is key when packing and I am the worlds worst! This towel is also darling that allows you to pick the name of the alphabet, so darn cute! These flip flops are so practical for the beach and luckily I ordered them just in time for our trip! I don’t have to worry about not getting them wet because HELLO that is what the beach is for. They also go with all my beachwear outfits which is perfection. Next is this straw hat that is perfect to hid away from the sun. I love all the creative big floppy hats that have came out but sometimes less is more.
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Thanks for following along loves! If you are planning a vacation, honeymoon, or know a friend that is, I would recommend checking out these finds of mine (tag a friend). Today is an oh so happy day of 4/4, MY BIRTHDAY PEEPS. I am turning 24 on 4/4 so I count that as a golden birthday since I was to young for my 4th birthday to remember. I am so blessed I get to celebrate my birthday in Hawaii with my honeyboo. He always takes me somewhere tropical for my birthday and I am so forever grateful. We have been on 3 hikes and 3 beaches in 3 days and it makes my heart melt. Hikes and the beach are my absolute favorite thing to do.
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