Crushing Pineapples Watermelons

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  1. Float: Sunny Life
  2. Towel: Cotton On
  3. Candle: Sunny Life
  4. Shoes: Keds
  5. Float: Sunny Life
  6. Tote: Etsy
  7. Shoes: Solids
  8. Tank: Etsy
  9. Bag: Sensi
  10. Tank: Urban Coco
  11. Cup: Amazon
  12. Candle: Sunny Life

What are some hot hot summer prints this year? Adorable pineapples & watermelons, of course! You can find these prints on just about anything these days and I am not complaining. Who wouldn’t want an adorable pineapple float or a watermelon towel for those hot summer days coming up. I listed some trendy fruit goodies I have had my eye on! These picks scream Laguna Beach and thought it would be appropriate since we are exploring LA today.

If you saw on IG I hoped on a plane to LAX (with a dream & a cardigan?) yesterday. Mom and sister wanted to go visit a friend and told me two hours before the flight took off. I panicked and packed as fast as I could to join them for a little adventure! We have some beaches that are calling our name then back to the Lone Star State today. These summer pineapple and watermelon finds make me oh so happy :) Follow along on snapchat @dederaad for todays adventures!