Crushing On Denim Shorts

Shopping for shorts can be as overwhelming as shopping for jeans. There are so many different options of length, cut, color, etc. I feel like I just need 2-3 good pairs a season and I can rotate them out with my tops. Since we are in the middle of transition to warmer weather, I thought I would share some shorts that I am crushing on. I have 3 of these (here, here and here) and want to try the other 3 listed! Luckily all are from retailers that provide free shipping and returns! This is my fav part since I rarely go into a store and try on clothes anymore! My bedroom is officially my dressing room since free shipping and returns couldn’t be more easy. I also will be ordering a bunch of these shorts and will share in April my favorite shorts I have been loving and fit right! I’ll be sure to include all the shorts in the widget below.

Happy Thursday darlings. What a week it has been! So so so so blessed and the birthday festivities don’t stop, feelings so loved! Tonight husband and I have a date night to the Cirque Du Soleil. I always love date nights with my honey. Tomorrow I am headed to College Station for my sisters Aggie ring ceremony and Saturday we leave for Mexico! I have already put my #ooo message for my emails haha! I will be sharing what I have ordered and came in today and tomorrow for our trip so be sure to catch that there! You can always type in into your url and everything that I mention in my stories, will be listed!