Crushing On Chenille

1. Love the bright color of this sweater and the low neck! CUTE!
2. This scarf is the perfect accesory for a fall outfit.
3. Everyone loves a comfy sweater, especially when the color is adorable!
4. You can never go wrong with a cardiagn as an easy coverup for fall!
5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of this sweater!
6. This grey sweater is so cute & can be worn dressup up or more casual!
7. Obssesed with this deep blue and how cute is it with a skirt! LOVE IT!
8. Soooo soft and perfect for wanting to be cute & comfortable at the same time! Just ordered!!

I have been crushing hardcore on chenille material and it is such a cozy material. I definitely recommend snagging one chenille sweater this season and you can thank me later! I will share one of my favorites I have in my closest on insta story later today!