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I’m including all my make up and beauty routine products in the widget below! These are all the products that are either sitting on my bathroom counter or in my make up bag that I use over and over daily. I love getting questions about my beauty routine so I have been collecting a folder over the months to share. I also will always be updating it through out the week and you can always find it under the “shop” folder under “beauty” in the menu bar here.

Pointing out a few of my absolute favorites below! 

  • This wand has been a game changer for the curls in my hair! I also highly recommend this heat protector before!
  • During this transition time of bringing out the pasty legs, I LOVE this self tanner and have been using it for years.
  • I bought this brush set and I was so glad I did! I never know what to individually buy but when they come in a set, I can find a job for each brush.
  • I have been using Tula for my night time creams and they have been a game changer. I use this Sonic brush in the shower a couple times of week and it dries my skin out like no other! This cream from Tula has been a saving grace.
  • I switched over to this concealer this past month and am already ready to buy another one. It is very dense which I like and is very long wearing! I chose the lightest color (.5) since I have really dark circles so this helps!



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