Ask the Expert: How to Create a Workout Routine

Since having Jet, I’ve really been trying to be patient with myself and give myself grace when it comes to “getting back into shape.” I’m honestly just focusing on spending as much time with my babies as possible but eating healthy as much as I can and slowly but surely starting to workout consistently again. Ted and I have been working with Kelly Spencer who owns Silver Fitness to help keep us on track! Wanted to ask her a few questions for y’all to give some insight on how to get started with working out, staying motivated, etc. in case you’re in the same boat as me!

Q: Where should beginners start when it comes to working out?

A: It honestly depends on your body and your goals! It’s always best to consult your doctor beforehand to go over any weight loss goals and get the a-okay. A good starting point is usually a simple walk! Get out and move your body on a walk for a few minutes a day and go from there. With my clients, I identify their goals, baselines for movement and flexibility and go from their starting point to develop a routine. Usually we’ll start by adding in resistance training 2-3x/week in addition to light cardio. Resistance training is the best way to build muscle and protect your bones and get your body used to working out.

Q: What kind of workouts are the most effective?

A: Again, it seriously just depends on your body! My method is focused around getting the most out of short workouts and working really hard during the time you have. Right now for you and Ted we’re doing 30 minute sessions that are a mix of HIIT workouts, cardio and strength training. I try to switch things up and give y’all some variety so you don’t get bored. HIIT workouts will give you the most bang for your buck by getting your heart rate up and burning calories in a shorter period of time. If you’re working out at home, these types of workouts are typically the most efficient!

Q: What’s the best way to track progress?

A: It’s up to my clients if they want to track macros, count calories, or take routine measurements, but when it comes to fitness, I track if they’re able to lift heavier over time and focus on a progressive overload technique. This technique means you gradually increase the weight, frequency, or number of reps while strength training to challenge your body and build strength. Doing this will help you to really get the results you’re looking for instead of doing the same workout with the same weight and same number of reps each week. I’ll also track how well clients are recovering—if they’re less sore after a session that typically means their strength is increasing! Focusing on non-scale victories like these are a really helpful way to see how far you’ve come.

Q: What are your tips for getting motivated to workout?

A: I always start my sessions with a gratitude mindset. Remember: your body is ABLE to workout. Some people aren’t able to move their bodies as freely so I really try to focus on that before I start. It’s super important to be kind to yourself throughout your fitness journey. It really is a journey, not an overnight thing! My best advice is to start small and celebrate the little victories…little victories often lead to big ones! Celebrate the times you’re able to lift a little heavier, run a little further, or do one more rep when you don’t think you can. Lastly, let the endorphins work and remember how you feel after you complete a workout. Keep this feeling in mind to push you through your workout because you’ll remind yourself how good you’ll feel once you’re finished!

Q: Postpartum fitness can be really overwhelming. What are the best things to do to ease back into fitness after having a baby?

A: Remember that there are certain kinds of exercises you shouldn’t do right away, so 100% talk to your doctor to get cleared for any kind of activity first! Then just take it slow. Especially if you weren’t working out regularly before or during your pregnancy. Start with walks and low-impact exercises—sharing a sample prenatal and postpartum workout below to help you get started!

Q: What are your favorite pieces of workout equipment to invest in?

A: Definitely a few pairs of dumbbells. These are really great to use for your strength training and also help you develop your grip strength. For some my sessions, I’ll use a small loop resistance band, too. One of my favorite pieces of equipment is a bosu ball! You can do so many exercises with one to really increase strength and stability.

Thanks so much for your time, Kelly!

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