Two Piece Set Tulum Set

Jumpsuit: Moon River | Purse: Gaia | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Marley Lilly | Bracelet: Baublebar | Watch: Michael Kors

Ahhh sorry y’all I’ve been so MIA!! So unlike me and no excuses! I am so very thankful you check up on me during the Blog so I have been feeling so guilty! Anyways while I am here, I wanted to share my absolute favorite jumpsuit. It’s so incredibly flattering and I was surprised by how comfortable it is. I have tried on PLENTY of two piece sets this season and this babe has the illusion that it is a set but in reality it’s a jumper. I love it so dang much and wore it to dinner last week during our trip in Mexico! I plan on sharing a full roundup of our trip tomorrow!

Until then, today is a day of catching up on life before Ted and I head out of town! My favorite days before a trip always consistent of Orange Theory, a juice from Squeezed, little work emails, a Nordstrom trip, Dry Bar, one Last Chick Fil A, and a Memorial Park walk! Everyday I’m home, I try to get out with the husband and some friends and walk the trail. It’s a 3 mile walk but always puts me in the best best mood!


Crushing On Beauty Products

1. Foundation: I am obsessed with this foundation and am constantly getting asked about it! I have been using it for years and can’t live without it! I have tried tons of other foundations and none do the job as well! It is full coverage and lasts all day!

2.  Brightening Powder: Ok since I am middle eastern, dark under eyes are a thing on my face. I hide it well with concealer but then concealer creases if you don’t set it! I set it with this setting powder and it does wonders. It also prevents my eyeliner from running onto my under eyes!

3. Eyelash Adhesive: I have tried a couple glue and this one just works the best for my lashes! I use these eyelashes and can wear these eyelashes for about a week or so! You do have to make sure the glue is tacky (not wet) before applying it to your face! I did get a lot of questions on how exactly I put on my lashes so I promise to do a tutorial soon!

4. Lipstick: Whenever I am in a hurry, don’t feel like really having to pay attention to my lipstick, this is my go to! Super lightweight!

5. Beauty Blender: Ok this thing is the real deal and I was so surprised by how many did not know you need to wet your beauty blender! I was on a trip with my friend and she was using one and didn’t wet it! Her mind was blown and according to the messages I got back after my tutorial, some of yall were! Make sure to really run it under water and then squeeze out the water!

6. Brush: This is my favorite foundation brush! I always try to use a beauty blender or anything else and it isn’t the same! I also apply a drop of my foundation to the brush and then apply all over my face!

7. Brow Cream: So I have my eyebrows microblade but I still like to shape them up! I had my eyebrows microblade here in Houston but I wasn’t crazy about the results. I then found @thatbrowgal but she is located in Dallas / Vegas. I have been going to her the past 6 months and LOVE her but also know that her being in another state isn’t realistic. I am looking for someone local but then again I am not really sure if I want to do it again. I already pencil in my brows with microblading so IDK! I will for sure keep yall updated!

8. Eyeshadow Primer: I love this primer and have been using it for so long. My bottle is almost out and the only thing I am not crazy about is the shimmer. I might just reorder the one without shimmer since my eyeshadow is all matte! I also got TONS of dms recommending the MAC paint pod so I prob will also order that too!

9. Setting Spray: Ok after doing all that work, a setting spray is a must! I use to not know how to put on setting spray since I would blink so hard that my mascara would get all over haha! It takes time and practice but I can’t recommend this setting spray enough! I use to not use a primer + setting spray and by the end of the day, I would have to redo my face for dinner time. Now I barely touch up!

10. Blush: Everygirl just needs a tad bit blush after bronzer. Bronzer is my first love but this one is also a great one!

11. Concealer: I have gone through so many freaking concealers and it’s crazy to me that this one is my favorite! I just heard such good things about it and I was like ehh might not work for me and yall, I can’t live without it! I use this bad boy every day in light medium and its the best!


You can find a full tutorial on how I do my face on my Instagram! Not every product that I use is on this breakdown but the ones I wanted to chat about! I have the video saved under the highlights “makeup tutorial”! Hope you enjoy!

Sunny Day Dress

Dress: Free People | Shoes: Espadrilles | Earrings: MarleyLilly | Hat: Brixton

Happy hump day babes! I have been wanting to share this dress for forever because it’s my absolute favorite! A light linen smock dress is so perfect for this time of year and for when the hot weather is unbareable! It’s just so easy to throw on for any spring event. I can’t get enough of Free People anyways this spring. They have been killlllling it and I want it all!

Thanks for stopping by loves! Today’s our first full day in tulum and I am so excited to be here. We are with such a great group of girls and Isabella Swim. So excited to share with y’all our adventures and what we are up too!


Yellow Gingham Set

Top: Lovers + Friends | Bottoms: Lovers + Friends | Earrings: Baublebar | Purse: Claire V. | Shoes: Sam Edelman

You know I have been all for the two set trend lately! This set stole my heart for many dang reasons! The main reason, it’s a two piece set that is so comfortable/wearable and both pieces are versatile! I can see myself wearing this skirt with a white tank or this top with some white denim shorts. The possibilities are endless and I am a huge believer! Heck, I am a believer in everything I post. Did you all know that I go through sooo many shipments a week and try on clothes?! I only share items that I think are worth the investment/fit right! Sometimes I get excited about an item but once it arrives, I quickly return it because it doesn’t look good! I think it is REALLY important to only share the best quality items for you all! I can’t help what one item might look good on my body vs someone else’s but I can help only promoting quality items! I also don’t dare share a dress that doesn’t fit my 5’3 / 117 self, correctly! I just hope to build trust with you all and know I only share what I like! That is first and foremost the most important thing to me! Trust me when I say I take back tons of items that don’t fit right!

Also, the same trust goes for a place I recommend whether that’s a hotel or restaurant. If you don’t see me post something, that means I am not crazy about it! Or sometimes I just forget to snap when its a really good night lol! Happy Thursday babes!