Crushing On Beauty Products

1. Foundation: I am obsessed with this foundation and am constantly getting asked about it! I have been using it for years and can’t live without it! I have tried tons of other foundations and none do the job as well! It is full coverage and lasts all day!

2.  Brightening Powder: Ok since I am middle eastern, dark under eyes are a thing on my face. I hide it well with concealer but then concealer creases if you don’t set it! I set it with this setting powder and it does wonders. It also prevents my eyeliner from running onto my under eyes!

3. Eyelash Adhesive: I have tried a couple glue and this one just works the best for my lashes! I use these eyelashes and can wear these eyelashes for about a week or so! You do have to make sure the glue is tacky (not wet) before applying it to your face! I did get a lot of questions on how exactly I put on my lashes so I promise to do a tutorial soon!

4. Lipstick: Whenever I am in a hurry, don’t feel like really having to pay attention to my lipstick, this is my go to! Super lightweight!

5. Beauty Blender: Ok this thing is the real deal and I was so surprised by how many did not know you need to wet your beauty blender! I was on a trip with my friend and she was using one and didn’t wet it! Her mind was blown and according to the messages I got back after my tutorial, some of yall were! Make sure to really run it under water and then squeeze out the water!

6. Brush: This is my favorite foundation brush! I always try to use a beauty blender or anything else and it isn’t the same! I also apply a drop of my foundation to the brush and then apply all over my face!

7. Brow Cream: So I have my eyebrows microblade but I still like to shape them up! I had my eyebrows microblade here in Houston but I wasn’t crazy about the results. I then found @thatbrowgal but she is located in Dallas / Vegas. I have been going to her the past 6 months and LOVE her but also know that her being in another state isn’t realistic. I am looking for someone local but then again I am not really sure if I want to do it again. I already pencil in my brows with microblading so IDK! I will for sure keep yall updated!

8. Eyeshadow Primer: I love this primer and have been using it for so long. My bottle is almost out and the only thing I am not crazy about is the shimmer. I might just reorder the one without shimmer since my eyeshadow is all matte! I also got TONS of dms recommending the MAC paint pod so I prob will also order that too!

9. Setting Spray: Ok after doing all that work, a setting spray is a must! I use to not know how to put on setting spray since I would blink so hard that my mascara would get all over haha! It takes time and practice but I can’t recommend this setting spray enough! I use to not use a primer + setting spray and by the end of the day, I would have to redo my face for dinner time. Now I barely touch up!

10. Blush: Everygirl just needs a tad bit blush after bronzer. Bronzer is my first love but this one is also a great one!

11. Concealer: I have gone through so many freaking concealers and it’s crazy to me that this one is my favorite! I just heard such good things about it and I was like ehh might not work for me and yall, I can’t live without it! I use this bad boy every day in light medium and its the best!


You can find a full tutorial on how I do my face on my Instagram! Not every product that I use is on this breakdown but the ones I wanted to chat about! I have the video saved under the highlights “makeup tutorial”! Hope you enjoy!