10 Travel Tips for a Long Flight

10 Travel Tips to Survive a Long Flight



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During my 24 hour journey to and from Asia, I thought to myself, I think I have this long flight traveling down. I have been on long flights my entire life and started when I was a little girl. Mom use to take us to the Middle East all the time to see her family, China to experience culture, and South America since dad used to buy jackets and sell them at a flee market here in Houston. This is definitely where my wanderlust comes into play and I am so thankful for the long flights along the way! Here are some travel tips I noted on the flight  that I think you may find useful:

  1. Neck pillow: No matter if I am in the aisle, middle, or window, a neck pillow will save me every time. I get very creative while trying to sleep on a plane and it is always 100x better when I bring my neck pillow along.
  2. Pack warm socks & wear slip on shoesI wear these slip on shoes all the time because they are super comfy and easy to throw off and on whenever I want. It’s so unrealistic to wear heels on a long flight and expect to strap yourself in every time you want to get up. I try to get out of my seat and walk around every time someone needs to get up in my row. Taking this opportunity helps with the blood flow! Also, I am not a fan of sleeping with my shoes on, who is? Warm fuzzy socks always do the trick! Just please don’t be that passenger that goes to the bathroom with your socks on because I do judge those who do!
  3. Layers: Dressing in layers is key! Even Ted dresses in layers because you can never guess the airplanes temperature. It always is fluctuating but if you have a jacket, a scarf, etc. you will be good to go. The worst flights for me have been when I am freezing cold and I don’t have anything to keep me warm!
  4. Sleeping mask: Sleeping on the plane is by far my favorite thing to do to pass time quickly. The sound of the white noise on the plane instantly knocks me out! What wakes me up is that darn passenger in the window seat who decided to keep his window open. A mask literally saves me every time. This is something I forget often so if you do, ask for an extra blanket and throw it over your head. 99% of the time I am wearing a baseball cap and this helps drape the cover over my face without suffocating me.
  5. Bring your own entertainment: I got this tip from Ted and it saved me on the last trip. The plane TV wasn’t working for me, but luckily I had all the Bachelorettes downloaded on my phone to watch on the flight! I was so thankful I decided to keep all of them for the flight and I literally had 8 hours of entertainment! You never can depend on the plane TV so downloading your own shows or movies is a good back up! Watching movies on the plane is probably my second favorite pass time. I watched Why Him? The Founder, and Hidden Figures (all such good movies and I am not a movie person)! Or organizing my photos and deleting old ones is also good entertainment!
  6. Noise Canceling Headphones: You can’t enjoy a good movie with a baby screaming in the background or a passenger snoring up a storm. Ted and I swear by these headphones and we each have our own!
  7. Portable Charger: My last flight home from Japan, my phone died and we lost the portable charger. I was miserable to say the least. We ordered 2 of these and I also just got this “smart” suitcase in the mail that has a built in charger, so we hopefully won’t run into this problem anymore! I was dependent on the airplane to have a charger and of course they didn’t so I sat and twiddled my thumbs for a couple hours!
  8. Sanitation wipes & travel size spray: I am not an organized freak, but I am for sure a clean freak. I tend to get really grossed out by the tray tables yet I sleep all over them. I put my feet on the tray table, I lay my neck pillow and my face on the tray table, so sanitation wipes are a MUST. I get so grossed out when I forget them. Also, I have sat next to 2 nice dudes in the last month that just smelt. Being stuck on a 10+ hour flight with them is NO FUN. Luckily, I packed my travel size febreze wrinkle spray so I kept spraying it on my arm and smelling my arm. Hopefully you don’t sit next to someone that stinks, but just in case!
  9. Passport holder with a pen:  I can’t tell you how many times I have had to ask my neighbor for a pen. If only I just had a pen with a passport holder, I would be set. I traveled with this passport holder that was by far my favorite! It also held our boarding passes and any extra papers. Would make a good gift!
  10. Hot sauce & mustard: This is going to sound SO SILLY, but pack a baby tabasco sauce and mustard packages into your carry on and you will be glad you did when the airplane food gets served. I literally made fun of my sister before getting on the 12 hour flight because she had these two packed in her bag, but I wasn’t laughing at her for long. When the plain eggs came around or the sauceless ham and cheese sandwich, I was begging her to share lol!

Another extra tip: I have heard ginger ale is so good for you while up in the air. I haven’t done the research, but I just order it every time I travel now haha and if I can’t sleep, a glass of wine will do the trick! I try to stay away from caffeine if I know I am about to hop on a plane and I always don’t mind if I am not getting much sleep the night before a flight. 

PHEW so long but I hope these tips help you! I know a lot of you will be traveling this summer and I am so excited for you! Would love to hear where you are off too next?! & PS these tips also can be for short flights!