10 Fall Closet Staples for Teachers

Happy back to school season, teacher friends! I’m sure y’all are wishing you had a few more weeks of summer left but are eager to get back into your classrooms and see your kids. Just want to say we appreciate y’all SO much!!

What you wear to teach in probably depends on your school district, but from what y’all said in our Facebook group, it sounds like you try to mix cute + comfy for your outfits. Shopping for a fall work wardrobe can be overwhelming (and expensive!) so I thought I’d share a few different closet staples that you can style a bunch of different ways. Investing in a couple good items that you’ll actually wear is always better than buying trendy pieces here and there that go out style by the next season. I hope this is helpful! Tag me in your teacher looks using #blameitondede so we can share some of you in our weekly newsletter for inspo!

Midi skirts are probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing! They’re so comfy and easy to style—even with a baby bump. I wear these nonstop during the fall and they can easily transition from daytime/workwear to an evening date night outfit. For the classroom, I would pair with some comfy white sneakers, booties, or cute mules!

Amazon skirt – under $30 and comes in so many colors!

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Denim jackets are SO versatile! They’re perfect to pair with a dress, jumpsuit or blouse, especially for the fall or if your classroom gets chilly. You can usually find one that’s either oversized, cropped, or a regular fit—definitely don’t need one of each but if you do wear a denim jacket a lot, a investing in a different fit may be a good way to switch up your wardrobe!

Detre Everyday Denim Jacket – restocking these soon so keep an eye out!

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Dresses are an easy outfit option that require little to no matching/planning! Just throw one one with some sandals, booties or sneakers and you’re good to go. My recommendations for teachers would be a flowy midi dress or a sweater dress that you can easily layer a jacket, cardigan or blazer over.

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I’m pretty sure cardigans are a staple in every girl’s closet, but if you’re a teacher, having a few cardigans that you can layer over different pieces is an awesome way to make so many outfits! Plus, they’ll keep you warm through the fall (bonus points if they have pockets am I right?!)

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Even if you don’t wear them frequently, it’s always a good idea to have at least one pair of dress pants in your closet that fit you! There’s nothing worse than having a meeting or interview come up and not having anything business casual to wear. If you’re a teacher, having a pair that are comfy and stretchy is probably pretty important to you, so I 100% recommend these Amazon paper-bag waist dress pants! They come in so many colors and are under $30. I also just ordered these from Amazon to try and out will share with you guys soon!

Amazon Paperbag Pants

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A cute blouse + a pair of jeans is an effortless outfit that looks polished and professional! I’ve been loving Target’s blouses lately—they’re great quality at an affordable price and I feel like they’re always getting new styles and patterns in.

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Is there anything better than finding a pair of jeans that fit just right?! I feel like finding the right pair is a lot of trial and error, but once you find them you wear them nonstop! If you have a few pairs of jeans that you like and fit you well, you’ll be able to style them so many different ways and will never run out of outfits! I definitely still own and wear skinny jeans, but I’ve been getting more into the looser fitting jeans this year. I honestly think they’re comfier! This style would be a good option if you’re on the move or spend a lot of time on the floor with your kiddos in the classroom.

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Teachers, I know y’all are on your feet for so many hours every day so you NEED a good pair of sneakers! Don’t worry, you can still dress them up to make them look professional. I love wearing sneakers, especially high tops, with a skirt or dress!

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Booties are another pair of shoes that you’ll get a lot of use out of in the fall. I’d wear the heeled booties on days you won’t be standing as much, but there are still tons of cute booties with little to no heel that would be great for every day wear! Booties can be worn with pretty much everything from your jeans to a dress to leather leggings.

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Flats or mules help dress up almost any outfit! I feel like flats have come a long way over the years haha anyone else remember buying traditional ballet flats?! I absolutely love my Steve Madden mules and have worn them nonstop throughout the years, but have also found some good quality ones on Amazon.

Steve Madden Mules

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