Sweater So Nice, I Bought it Twice

Sweater: Express | Jeans: Express | Earrings: Express
I wore this look on the plane yesterday on the way home and could not help but fall more in love with this sweater. I must admit, I went straight to the Galleria yesterday from the plane to do some returns and bought this sweater at Express in grey too! I was so obsessed with how comfy, long, and warm it kept me on the trip home!
During the holidays, I love to be cozy yet stylish. This look is for sure a way that I Express myself without trying way too hard. I am so for a chunky festive red sweater and boyfriend jeans . I always glam up my looks with some good earrings and heels! Call it some sort of casual glam like I am not trying too hard but kinda am! Express also has one of the best denim selection and holiday sparkle looks, love this dress. I can’t help but leave the store with a full bag every time! I will be sure to share a few other items I picked up at Express on stories over the weekend.
Well, happy Friday babes! Came home to snow in Houston and I couldn’t be more shocked! Someone on Facebook this morning said “a Super Bowl, a hurricane, a World Series win, and now snow! Quite a year for Houston” and I couldn’t agree more!! Crazy!!
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