So long Dress up buttercup…

Well, y’all… the time has come… for almost 10 years now, I’ve been Dress Up Buttercup on the internet, and what an honor it has been honestly, but after so much thought and prayer, I know in my heart it’s time to retire the name “Dress Up Buttercup,” and begin a new chapter as Dede Raad.

After getting laid off back in 2015, I didn’t really know what my life would look like… I always craved the feeling of knowing what I was passionate about but had never truly experienced it. When I started DUB, it was almost a pipe dream. I was passionate about fashion, trends, travel, etc but blogging hadn’t been around for very long and I was treading unknown waters. Once DUB got off the ground, my passion became clear… my passion is people. Yes, I’ll always love fashion and travel and all things in between but I find so much joy in connecting with women and walking through life with them over the internet. From sharing my favorite Amazon finds to being vulnerable about my postpartum journeys… we’ve shared and grown A LOT. I’m so proud that Dress Up Buttercup has become a corner of the internet where women can come and feel confident enough to ask hard questions, share successes, talk about their struggles, and lean into one another when we need it the most.

What an amazing journey it has been as Dress Up Buttercup! You girls are the reason I’m still here and I will always be so thankful for y’all and your support every single day. Don’t you worry, things will stay exactly the same just giving the old name a little facelift. I can’t wait to begin this new journey as Dede Raad — she’s been waiting for her moment for a while now lol sooo… cheers to a new chapter and a new name! 🥂

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