Positano Travel Diary

Top: Socialite | Jeans: Wit & Wisdom | Shoes: Bella Vita | Hat: Sole Society | Luggage: Delsey


Swim: Tularosa | Shorts: Free People | Bandana: Target | Glasses: Quay

Top: Goodnight Macaroon | Earrings: Baublebar | Purse: Gucci | Bracelet Baublebar

Top: Free People | Shorts: Bishop + Young | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Baublebar | Hat: Sole Society



Dress: Tularosa | Bandana: Target | Glasses: Quay | Earrings: Baublebar | Shoes: Tory Burch

Jumpsuit: Moon River | Bag: Claire V. | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Baublebar

Top: Bp. | Bottoms: 1.State |  Bandana: Target | Earrings: Kate Spade | Watch: Michael Kors


Dress: Ali & Jay | Bag: Gucci | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Baublebar | Bracelet: Cara

Jumpsuit: Leith | Shoes: Sam Edelman |Earrings: Baublebar | Bracelet: Cara | Bandana: Target

Dress: Goodnight Macaroon | Shoes: Sarto | Earrings: BP. | Purse: Gucci

Top: Loft(similar) | Skirt: Moon River | Bandana: Target | Earrings: Baublebar

Covo Dei Saraceni: Since we planned this trip on a whim, we really did luck out on our hotel! The location was amazing, the concierge walked us through everything, the lobby was dreamy, and the view from our room was breathtaking. I still am dreaming about their breakfast spread with the view and the pool on the top of the deck. Ah I HIGHLY recommend this hotel! A lot of you also messaged me saying you have stayed here or honeymooned here which I loved! I really suck at taking hotel pictures so I am sorry for not really sharing the details but tip, I like to stalk hotels by the geo tag on IG! Typically when we travel so last minute, we use hotel tonight, an app to book our places! They have saved us and I always tell people about them! All in all we loooooooved this hotel. A must!

Bruno: Out of all our meals, I think I still dream about this spaghetti. I will fly back to Italy one day just to eat here. The freshest pasta and meatballs I have ever had. Omg yum yumm! I usually regret ordering spaghetti, but I was so glad I did. The view doesn’t hurt either. This was our first lunch spot and it was the perfect way to kick off our trip. It’s the picture with me in the white shirt with the view + spaghetti!

Chez Black: We got a lot of recommendations to try Chez Black! So glad we did. The restaurant is by the water so listening to the waves crash is so relaxing. I was trying to check off my Italian food checklist so I went for the pizza lol! They brought it out in a heart shape and put a smile on my face the entire time. Another important meal to order while you are there is the fish since it’s so fresh. Ted’s was soooo good and we ended up going halfzies (best part of having a husband)! Oh and I can’t forget the dessert. I asked to see a menu and they brought out this entire dessert platter on wheels. It was a presentation. Another reason I will be going back is for the “grandmas cake.” Omg heaven in my mouth and I’m not huge on desserts!

Hotel breakfast: We aren’t huge breakfast people so we either slept in (due to major jet lag) or went to our hotel breakfast. It was the most beautiful spread I have ever seen and the selection was sooooo good. I’m a huge salmon lox lover, so I was all over that with some cheese every morning! Also the view for breakfast is amazing. Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, try making a trip here! Not sure if you can eat here, I should have asked, but go check out the pool & have a drink in the lobby! So pretty!

La Zagara: This is another possible breakfast spot because pastries on pastries! A sweet reader recommended the apricot crossiant and we knew we couldn’t leave without it. It was SO GOOD! Perfect mid day treat. I also got a ham and cheese panini and y’all….So good!

Gelato: I told myself I would just have a couple scoops while on this trip, but one thing led to another and I had at least 1-2 cones of gelato a day. It was bad bad bad! I never eat ice cream back at home lol! I just couldn’t help myself since we had to pass the ice scream shop on the way to the hotel! Ted would already stop in here at least twice a day to buy water bottles (so important to stay hydrated on a trip) so I would be like what the heck, let’s get ice cream ?

Covo Dei Saraceni Cafe: Our first night we also stopped at this cafe for dinner. It’s sooooooo darn cute inside! I wanted to be healthy and ordered a Cesar salad and had MAJOR regret lol. The pizza and pasta being served at the other tables were amazing. Oh Ted got grilled chicken and yum yum galore!

La Tagliata: We had sooooooooooo many people recommend this so we had to go! Dinner is served family style (priced well) from ma and pa family owed! Our hotel tried recommending us somewhere else but since so many of you all messaged us saying this one, we had too! They send a free shuttle to pick you up and take you to the top of the mountain where the restaurant is. Prob top 5 scariest car rides since you’re in a van, side of a hill, traffic is going both ways but there is only one late. It’s nuts! Anyways the view was amazing and I wish the shuttle wasn’t late so we could have enjoyed it more before sunset. The food was such a fun family style where it just kept coming out!

Sirenuse: So many requests for dinner here and I was so glad they squeezed us in for a reservation! The view of the coast is also beautiful, but really the ambiance of the place really sold me. Like talk about an Italian dream. Lemon trees, vines, views, gah it was perfect. This was our splurge meal but so worth the romantic memories that were made. We did share some of it on stories and brought y’all along haha! Anyways, if you’re looking to celebrate big while there, don’t miss this one!

Getting to Positano is such a journey! I always see such pretty places people are visiting and I never think of the process it took to get there. I just imagine them hopping off a plane and a short drive to their hotel. Welp, Positano is actually a 1.5 hour drive from Naples (where you fly into)! The cab ride there and back was a surprise in cost, but we just took the bullet! It’s all worth the travel once you get to your destination :) You can read here how we ended up in Positano!

Besides eating, I would say there is lots to do in such a small town! Cooking class, shopping, hanging by the beach!

We decided to take a boat to Capri one day and omg I am so glad we did! Best experience ever. You can either take a ferry ride to Capri for the day or rent a private boat that will take you straight there. The private boat was way out of price range for just being us two, but very reasonable if you can get a group together. We took the ferry to Capri and once we got off we rented a private boat ride for a tour! Everyone recommended the Blue Grottos so that is exactly what was our mission. We literally walked off the boat, walked and walked and walked, and just asked a company for a private boat ride for a few hours. I so wish I knew the name of the company because we enjoyed them! We didn’t even know you could book in advance so I’m thinking we got lucky. I can imagine if it’s peak season, it would not have been that easy! Anyways, being on the boat just with Ted sightseeing the majesty of Capri was top on my list. Seeing how blue the water was made me shed a tear lol! So lame!

After our boat ride we walked to the square. Omg the walk was brutal because all of the steps, but it was a good work out! Be sure to wear comfy clothes + shoes! We had lunch a little farther down at (). Sitting outside was beautiful! I ordered the seafood risotto and I did regret it. Not very flavorful! A lot of the other options looked so good though.

We were told about the blue umbrella restaurant beach so we decided to walk to it. It was SUCH a hike and I was so sore the next day. Anyways we get all the way to the bottom and since it’s off season, it was closed and there were no umbrellas lol! All the reason to go back :)

All in all, this was by far one of my favorite trips! We have been all over the world but I now understand the hype of Italy! Gosh it was breathtaking, romantic, and I’m so incredibly thankful I was able to visit! This is a list of just all the places we did and our thoughts but if you look on IG this post, HUNDREDS of people were so nice to also share their recs if you are looking for more! :) If you’re headed there, be sure to pack me in your suitecase & tag me in photos!!