#nsale Public Access Top Items Restocked + Giveaway

Yalllll! It’s officially here! Everyone is now able to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I am so dang happy for you all! There are SO many good finds included in the sale that I have been wearing non stop. You can find each and every outfit from the sale that I have styled here or over on IG highlights. Below I decided to share my top pieces that I think will go the fastest! Be sure to snag them fast because things sell out fast. Happy shopping! (giveaway info + winner is below) !


Dress:  BP (xs) | Shoes: Sam Edelman (tts)

”Top: 1.State (xs) | Skirt: Topshop (tts) | Boots: Steve Madden (tts) | Hat: Similar

”Top: Socialite (s) | Jeans: Free People (size up) | Cardigan: BP (xs) | Hat: Similar | Shoes: Halogen

Top: Adidas(s) | Leggings: Zella (xs) | Shoes: Adidas (7.5)

Top: Bp (s) | Pants: Caslon (25)

Dress: Socialite (xs) | Boots: Steve Madden (7.5)

”Top: Tee (sm) | Cardigan: Leith (s) | Denim: Free People (26 – not apart of #nsale but under $100 steal) | Shoes: Vince Camuto (tts)

Top:* Bp(S) | Cardigan:* Free People(XS/S) | Jeans:* Ag(24) | Shoes: Steve Madden(7.5)

”Top: Lush (xs) | Shoes: Steve Madden

Top: Nike (s) | Leggings: Zella (s) | Necklace: Kate Spade

Top: Bp  (xs) | Shoes: Steve Madden| Shorts: Nasty Gal (not nsale)

Top: Bp (s)| Cardigan: Halogen (xs) | Leggings: Spanx sm | Shoes: Adidas

Top: Bp (s) | Vest: Northface(s) | Leggings: Zella | Shoes: Nike

Sweater: Bp(S) | Jeans: Free People(26) | Shoes: Steve Madden(7.5)

All #nsale coverage posts:

  • First Blog Post: Top Anniversary Private Access Picks + Giveaway! 
  • Youtube Video of Try On Session: First Try On Session!
  • Little White Lace Romper: Apart of the sale and can only sharing it here on the blog!
  • Work out routine: && favorite workout gear that is apart of the sale here
  • Favorite beauty products: top 10 products that I am loving here!
  • $12 tee: giving you 3 different ways to inspire you to style a tee in different light!

Different Tabs:

@samruizz you have won our giveaway!! SO darn excited for you. Thank you all for following along and entering the giveaway. I so wish everyone could be a winner.

I have decided to 2 giveaways today (Two winners will win a $250 Nordstrom Gift Card!) Winner will be announced 1 week from today! (Friday, July 27)

The first way to enter is on my last IG post (instructions posted there) and the second way to enter is to leave a blog comment below letting me know what content you enjoy the most from Dress Up Buttercup! Is it try on sessions, is it real-life stories, is it travel, is it beauty, is it outfit roundups, is it marriage?! Would love to hear what you enjoy and want to see more of!

I will choose 1 winner from the blog comments and 1 winner from the IG Post!

PS lmk if you have any questions via email about the sale, etc ([email protected])



297 thoughts on “#nsale Public Access Top Items Restocked + Giveaway

    1. I would agree with this! I could wear everything single thing that she posts! Love her style so much!!

  1. Your try on sessions are my favorite! It’s a nice way to see the pieces and how you can style them!

  2. Try on sessions are my favorite, it’s so nice to see how the clothes fit and you always style them so cute!

  3. I love your day to day life insta stories! It’s so fun getting to know you a little better

  4. Love the try on sessions! It’s so nice to know exactly what the new trends are and where to get quality pieces! I have to say though that as a native Texan I love all of your Houston content too. I have family there and I’m always taking mental notes when I see a new restaurant or cool spot on your feed for the next time I visit! ?

  5. Love your try on sessions and travel content! I only hope I can travel as frequently in my future with my hubby!

  6. Hi Dede! I love your blog—and your name lol! I think my favorite part of your blog/insta is probably your real life stories mixed with your fashion finds. You always have something fun to say while wearing such a cute outfit!
    I think something cool that you could do is share some of your fave spots to shop, eat, && hang out in TX! I’m trying to go to law school down there and it’d be great to have some recommendations for things to do because I won’t know anyone! Hah!
    Anywho, I love your style! Keep it up!!

  7. Love love love your Try one! Definitely likely to buy something more seeing it styled on you girlfriend!! Keep being amazing ?

  8. Favorite thing: your positivity and personality in general! But also — love your try on sessions most!

  9. I love your try on sessions! Honestly your style is the cutest. I also love your doggy chew chew, he’s adorable. I enjoy your traveling Insta stories as well. Overall love your content ?

  10. I love your try on seshs!! I can see how the outfits look and the cut, design etc. I also really love your travel posts and beauty, makeup, hair products and styling tips & tools. You make it so much fun! Ty!! ?

  11. The try on sessions are my favorite! It’s great to see outfits from different angles and hear what you like/dislike about each piece. I also love how easy it is to instantly shop for the items with the simple click of a button!

  12. I love your try on sessions! They are so helpful and honest about what you love about the items. I also love how you style you’re outfits. A lot of the time it’s a simple way to put basics together that I don’t think of. Thanks for posting great content!

  13. I love all of the try on sessions, and the fact that you always list prices and sizes! It is so helpful for when I want to shop your look!

  14. I honestly love a good mix of what you post! I would say top is try on sessions and next is real life stories. xo

  15. I love the try on sessions! So many outfits look so different on rather than on the hanger and you do a perfect job of telling us how they really fit!

  16. I absolutely love all the content you produce! You’re so good at what you do. I would love to keep seeing more try-on sessions and since I’m getting married in a couple of months, I’d like to hear some marriage advice, too!

  17. I love the try on sessions! I have lost my outfit mojo lately and seem to be stuck in bit of an outfit rut ? but watching your try on sessions have given me so much inspiration and has brought confidence and life back to my outfits. Thank you!!

  18. My favorite thing was your NSale coverage! Loved how you let us know if restocks and the best pieces you got! Just placed my order at 4am!!!!

  19. I LOVE your try on sessions and outfit roundups! Your style is right up my alley so I love getting fashion inspo from you!

  20. My favorite thing was your NSale coverage! Loved how you let us know if restocks and the best pieces you got! Just placed my order at 4am and got Tory Flats and a Drybar Set!!!!

  21. Hey girlie. Just wanted to give you a huge thank you for having the best nsale coverage. I literally wanted to buy all your outfits lol. Please keep doing posts like this. I love the try on sessions

  22. Love seeing your try-on sessions and how you style individual pieces into a whole outfit! ?

  23. you do an amazing job of switching up content between fitness, beauty, fashion and personal life! I always love a good try on session because sometimes you can’t tell the quality of something online so It’s nice to have someone let you know if something is AMAZING. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this, you make it look easy but I can’t imagine it is!! xo

  24. I love your try on sessions and seeing how you style everything. I definitely come to your blog for outfit inspiration! With that said, I also like seeing your travel stories. It’s fun to see new places and what to explore. I really enjoy your blog!

  25. I adore all of your style content but I really enjoy seeing things about your relationship! I just got married (at 22 years old) and it’s beautiful to see such a strong couple that started off young as well! Thank you for sharing your life and passions with us.

  26. Love your blog!!! I really like seeing your try on hauls and all of your travels!

  27. I love your outfit roundups! I bought both of my graduation dresses from roundups you’ve posted, so thank you!!

  28. I loveeeeee your try-on hauls! Makes shopping so much easier and you crack me up! ?

  29. All of your blog content is great, but your try on sessions are definitely my favorite! There is just so much outfit inspo!!!

  30. I love your style and love your try on sessions – I also love your travel content!!
    Hands down one of my faves!!!

  31. I love sooo many things about Dress Up Buttercup! Your try on sessions and ootds on insta are my favs bc it always gives me inspiration and helps me see how an item looks in real life, how it fits, and price point, etc. Also, love all your travel blogs and that you feature your husband too!

    Caitlin @caitash

  32. I really like when you have a wide variety of content. For example in your stories you might have a try on session and that night some more real life content, and the next day you might do a beauty tutorial. It keeps the content fresh and interesting. But if I had to pick just one, it would be the try on sessions, I would love more of those!

  33. I love your insta story try ons and getting to know you a little better! Love your style!

  34. Girl you’re the cutest!! I love try on sessions and your real life stuff! It’s so fun to see what travels you’re on too! You create awesome content that I always look forward to! Have a great weekend!

  35. I LOVE your try on sessions because every time I see something in store or online, I don’t like it. But when you try it on it looks so good and I end up ordering it and loving it! I always look forward to seeing your stuff!

  36. I love your try on hauls! I am petite as well and it’s so nice seeing how different items fit you so I can shop with confidence. And, the positivity you bring to the online community is amazing. Keep doing you!

  37. I love the try on sessions! It inspires me and gives me ideas to be able to create my own fashionable looks when I go shopping!

  38. I definitely think the best part of your blog is your Instagram stories- I love how you just walk us all through your day and the events you’re going to/at as well as all your try-one! Stories make it easy to follow you

  39. I love that you share things about your daily life and you go into great detail on all your outfits!! AND of course your travel!!! ?? so basically everything!

  40. Try on sessions! You’re always so thorough and I love when you take one piece and show it styled different ways for different looks/occasions! Always so helpful when trying to decide whether I should buy something!!!

  41. I really love your try on hauls on IG stories, and I love your outfit round ups. I know how much time that takes to shoot all those outfits and it means a lot that you’ll do that for us. Regardless, I think your content is great and you are killin it! Keep it up, Dede! ☺️❤️

  42. I love your try on sessions and particularly your coverage of the Nordstrom sale. When the sale first when live my first stop was your page! It made shopping the sale so much more enjoyable and I avoided scrolling through Nordstrom’s site for hours — plus I love the way you style items! I can’t tell you how many of your exact outfits I have! Thanks for everything!

  43. I love try ons! It always helps me make a better decision if I want to get an item!

  44. I love how you make anything and everything look so cute!! You make me want to wear more than yoga pants and tanks! Haha!!

  45. Love love your try on sessions! You style is ?. Also loved your health and fitness post the other day and would love to see more (even if it’s just cute workout outfits ?)

  46. You are the blogger with the style closest to mine that I’ve found. A lot of times I already have a piece, and then you post it! Love it!

  47. hii! absolutely love your try on sessions!! everything was so great! it’s so much more helpful to see things tried on rather than just the pictures online. i ended up buying things that you tried on that looked amazing that i would’ve never bought if i just saw the picture online and i’m so happy w all my purchases!! thanks a million!

  48. Hey girl! Love the try on sessions and all your cute stories from on vacation! Also the “behind the scenes” of you and your sweet hubby is adorable!! ♥️

  49. Love the IG try on sessions with swipe ups. And for the blog I love your travel recaps. Have you done a “best of Houston”? I would love to see that!

  50. I love your try-on sessions, it helps so much to see someone in the actual clothes to get an idea of how they fit!

  51. hii! your try on sessions were amazing!! it’s so helpful for me to see things on rather than just look at the pictures online. i bought a few things you tried on that looked amazing that i would’ve never bought if i had just seen the picture online and was sooo happy w my purchases! thanks a million!

  52. Try on session and real life stories!!! Try on’s are what sells the items for me. Seeing it actually on and getting a little review of how it runs and if it’s soft, etc. I like to hear the item being talked about rather than reading about it!! It’s fun to get to know the person behind the blog!

  53. Of course I love your try on sessions (I swipe up and buy more often than my husband would probably like ?)! I also love to see your Houston adventures! I’m from Houston as well, and love to get new ideas on places to go, and things to see!

  54. I love your try-one most. If gives me incentive to recreate an outfit based off of how you styled it. I am petite also so it helps to see how they fit you before buying.

    Ps. Your hair looks so good in the about me picture below- I don’t think I’ve ever seen you short. I love it ?

  55. I love your try on hauls and your outfit round ups! I enjoy seeing how different people style the same items so this is why it is my favorite!

  56. I love your outfit try on hauls… but I LOVE all things beauty. More content on skincare and beauty products would be lovely!

  57. I love your try-on sessions most. It inspires me to recreate an outfit. I am petite also so it helps to see how it looks on you! I love cashual everyday outfits and would like to see more workwear ❤️

    Ps. I love your hair short in the about me picture below!

  58. i love your try on sessions as well as your every day life videos ! i love that you’re not afraid to show that even though your life looks perfect on instagram it’s not in real life ♡

  59. I’ve been liiiviiing for your looks with those gooorges knee high boots. And thr color blocking sweater from your Ig stories. To. Die.For ??

  60. Love basically everything! My top two favorites are travel and style. I love following along on your travels, it makes me want to go there. I travel a lot so it gives me some great ideas for where to go, what to do, and what to wear. I also love your style. It’s so helpful to see clothes on you because I would never order some of them online until I see you in them. We have similar style, so I want to buy everything you wear! Love your blog ♥️

  61. Love your try on sessions! Your style and taste is ??? Although I also enjoy all the content lol

  62. I love love your try on sessions!! It’s a great way to show us how everything fits and looks in “real life”. Love your style ?

  63. I love seeing your everyday life, in front of the camera, so to speak. I often wonder if the outfits all bloggers post are things they even keep and wear on a real day-to-day basis. So seeing your stories of you out and about doing everyday things is the content I mister enjoy.

  64. I just LOVE your try-on sessions! I was able to get everything I wanted during early access except for the Free People busted knee jeans in sky! I’m praying those restock and will be stalking your instastories to hear an update about those if it happens! Fingers crossed!

  65. That’s the thing- you give your subscribers a variety of options to keep coming back to your blogs! Which I’m glad you do because it’s fresh content. Since I’m addicted to clothes in general, I love your try ons, different ways to style a look, etc. Thanks for everything!

  66. I love try on hauls. It’s so helpful and gives me ideas on what to pair together! ❤️Keep up the amazing work love!

  67. Absolutely love your entire vibe! I wake up & watch your stories to get new outfit ideas for the day & up coming trips! Thanks for everything you do!

  68. I literally love all the stuff you post but my favorites are try on sessions and beauty! I got so many helpful tips from your make up tutorials and have gotten tons of compliments on how my make up looks now!!

  69. I LOVE your try on sessions!! You always give such honest, detailed opinions about everything and it is super helpful!! (PS-love your apartment, I need you to come over and decorate mine for me! haha!)

  70. I honestly really enjoy a mixture of everything. I tend to lose interest when it’s all the same content!!??

  71. The try on sessions are definitely my favorite because I love how I can visually see the outfits. You are such a positive and bright person to watch, and I think it’s funny when Ted accidentally shows up in the videos ?. The travel contents would be my second favorite because I always wanted to travel more. I’m trying to save up so I can start traveling and snag cute clothes like you, Dede! Love your blog!! ❤️

  72. Looks like I’m with the majority of people because I love your try on sessions the most! And I do enjoy your insta stories as well ?.

  73. My favorite part of your IG is to is your try on❤️❤️❤️❤️ I got purchased few styles from it, I love it ? thank you

  74. Hi Dede!
    I’ll start off by saying I’ve had a lot of fun following you during NSale! While the sale went live (at midnight) you were reposting helpful try-ons from the sale (I’m so glad you were up and posting), that was amazing!

    I enjoy all your posts, they’re so diverse which always keeps things interesting. I honestly watch all your insta stories because they’re so inspiring, helpful and entertaining!

    Would love to see more Chewy ? pop-ups here and there 🙂

  75. Hi, Dede! Thanks so much for all of the great content. I absolutely love when your try-on sessions end up in my feed or on the blog. It is SO helpful to see clothes on a real person, and your tips and tricks are always much-appreciated. I am so excited to get my Nordstrom sale items in the mail. Lots of good stuff this year!

    I also love hearing you talk about your life. You always have the best attitude, even when things aren’t 100%, and your Instagram and blog are positive destinations for me each day. Thanks for all you do!

  76. I love all the Houston favs and the try on sessions! And seeing your sweet face! ?

  77. I love your outfit round ups and try ons! However, my wallet does not haha You always give me great ideas on how to style things that I never would have thought to pair!

  78. Your try on sessions are my favorite! I love seeing how the clothes fit since I do a lot of my shopping online. You have great style and are just the cutest! 🙂

  79. I love the try on sessions AND the travel! You put together some colors that I wouldn’t have thought to try together. Also, you genuinely care about your “followers” and even other bloggers and it shows! Thank You!

  80. I looooooove the try on sessions! I also love seeing how you style everything, because I’m I live with your style ?

  81. I love your style content so much! But I really did love when you shared the story about losing your dad and how everything fell into place that summer. Thanks for being so open about it!

  82. I love your style! I have to have someone to turn to for fashion ideas and you are one of my favs! Thanks for all your hard work and always responding to questions we ask! It means a lot!!!

  83. You are my absolute favorite!!! I just love all the try on sessions and outfit advice. Your style is just so darn adorable!! My bestie and I talk about coming to Texas just so we can spend an entire day with you haha Thanks for being so awesome xoxo

  84. I loveeeeee when you post entire looks and then I can go onto the like to know it app and save literally EVERYTHING you’re wearing ? I need this so bad and my cart is already like $400 ????! Keep up the awesome work. You’re the cutest and I’m literally obsessed with your style! So happy I found you!

  85. Love your try on sessions the most because its a great way to see the item, how it lays and moves and hear your honest opinions! Also love your travel stories and Ted appearances 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  86. I love try on sessions!! They always make me want to buy the clothes.. which is probably a bad idea for my bank account lol

  87. Love your try on sessions! They totally helped me pick out some of my favorites from the nsale!

  88. I love your try on sessions! It makes it easier for me to see the clothes on and how you styled it! And you always give honest feedback on the items which is really helpful!
    Thanks for everything you do!

  89. There’s so much to choose from since I love everything you do! I have to say the try-on sessions are my favorite. It let’s me see how the pieces look on an actual person and it’s really beneficial to hear how each piece fits and feels. Online shopping can be hard but you’ve made it so much easier….not so much on my wallet 🙂

  90. I love your try on sessions! I feel like you always show us just the right amount of clothing and its all stuff that is always cute and in stock so we can buy! You should do more of them 🙂

  91. Dede, everything about your style is amazing ! I have loved every minute of your Nsale coverage! It’s been so helpful in finding what I needed & inspired me to rock some pieces that I wouldn’t normally sport on my own. Furthermore, I would enjoy seeing blog posts about your travel & married life ! ( darn, guess this means you have to plan a trip) ???Thank you !

  92. I LOOOOVE your try on sessions! Getting to know the fit of things is so helpful especially living in a more rural area. Plus I ADORE your style! Def will be looking to you for some fall inspo!

  93. I love your try ons because it shows me how to wear the pieces / what to pair them with

  94. I love all your content SO much but I would really love to see more of your skincare routine because I think you’re so gorgeous + more tips on how to start off blogging + building your instagram tips!

  95. I LOVE try ons.. because honestly it makes me usually love the outfits 100 times more than what they look like on a website ❤️

  96. I do enjoy the try on sessions but I like when it’s mixed up with travel/life, so a little bit of everything 🙂

  97. This is hard!!! I love try on sessions on stories, how you style different pieces that I never would thought of, how detailed your stories/posts are (like under $50, XS), and I LOVE your new post styling the one simple tee 3 different ways. Makes me feel like I can do that tooo!!!! Love your blog tons honestly.

  98. With you blog and Instagram I love following you along because of yes your try-one of course but also because you are not scared to just be you I love how you can talk to your followers as we are real friends and tell us if something is not always happy and great and you can also share when it is. I love following for the real girl time ?

  99. I love your try on sessions!! I know it’s not always the most fun to try on a million items in a row, but it’s so helpful to see clothing on a real person rather than just a website model. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!

  100. Wow! I think I find the real life stories the best, as I find those the most relatable; however, I also look forward to your fashion related pieces- these always make me smile 🙂 keep rockin it!!!

  101. Honestly, I LOVE all of your content. I’m a travel blogger so your travel content speaks to me, but your thoughts on fashion and life are amazing as well! Thank you for being you and sharing your thoughts with us! You are truly my favorite blogger (I swear I’m not just saying that)!

  102. I’m a principal’s secretary and I absolutely love seeing the try on sessions. It allows me to see the fit to know if it’s work appropriate, church appropriate, and or going out attire. I also appreciate the real life stories because it’s important to connect to your blogger and I think I live vicariously through your travels. However, encouraging young people in the environment I do is my hearts song! Thank you for being one of my favorite bloggers!

  103. love love your try on sessions! they are bad for my bank account, but I love them haha

  104. This has definitely got to be one of my all time favorite blogs. I love how real you are! Also, the traveling! I am crazy about traveling!

  105. I love the try-on sessions but I also really love travel and local places. Definitely gives me stuff to put on my bucket list!

  106. I love the try ons and how you style looks that are great for all types of events/occasions as well as day to day!!

  107. My favorite things on the blog are try on sessions because you always post the trendiest outfits. I also love when you post about traveling because it gives me ideas of what to put on my travel list after I graduate.

  108. Try on sessions no doubt! Everything you have posted from the Nordy sale has been ON POINT! Easily one of my favorite Bloggers to follow! You go girl!!

  109. You have such cute and adorable style so I love to see what outfits you wear and recommend! Always such a great inspiration for me when I need to go shopping!

  110. Definitely try on sessions are one of my favorite things! I love following your adventures though! You have such a great personality that really shines through and it makes your stories fun to watch and your blog posts fun to read!

  111. By far my FAVORITE fashion blogger/IG personality! Your style is spot on! Love your try on sessions because I get so many great ideas of how I can emulate your amazing style ??‍♀️ #thankyou #alreadyspentsomuchmoneyfromyourposts

  112. I Love your try on sessions and beauty posts! Hope to win the gift card 🙂 too many items on my list!

  113. I love you’re try-on sessions and live stories, but I would love to see more of your daily beauty/makeup products and maybe even your morning routine!!

  114. I love it all Dede! Your try-on sessions especially. I love your style and you make it so much easier to shop the sales! Thank you for all your hard work! ❤️

  115. DEDE!!! I love your try on sessions and look forward to your IG stories!! You always put outfits together so well and give great ideas and inspiration! You’re stunning and adorable and everything looks so good on you. Your coverage of the #nsale has been great and because of you, I have made many purchases!

  116. I love your try-on’s showing everyone how you style the outfit and what sizes your wearing! I also love that you show your real life stuff other than just fashion!

  117. I love all categories of your blog, and enjoy watching your insta stories and following you on your adventures, but I LOVE your try on sessions. It makes shopping so easy and convienet, along with being able to vision how we can style outfits before we purchase an item! I love your style and how you put together outfits, and it inspires me when shopping! The nordstrom sale has so many sale items, and with your try on sessions it made it easy to go through and select my favorites! I’ve made so many purchases through your instagram bc I fall in love with everything you put together!!

  118. I love your content, but outfit roundups and real-life stories are my fav! I love that we can get a sense of who you are and not just the clothes you wear!

  119. I honestly love it all around. My favorite has to be your travel posts. We get to experience it with you yet we get to see what cute outfit you have paired up for the day. Plus we see all the delicious food and icecream you eat Haha ?

  120. Dede,
    I’ve been following you for a while! I love all the outfits you put together! Your try-ons really do help me when I’m trying to get something. Love how you share sizing and price along with try-on!! I also love that we are in same city!! ??… love ya ??

  121. Love the try on outfits, gives me an idea on how to style different pieces of clothing and how to order my sizes

  122. I love your try on sessions! It gives me a realistic picture of what looks good and sizing ?? xo Chelsea

  123. I love your try on sessions! It really allows your followers to see the look and the fit of the clothing. Also being able to hear your true feelings verbally is nice!!! Thank you for all that you do! 🙂

  124. I love your blog posts but my favorite is your try on sessions on your Instagram stories. It’s sooooo easy to swipe up and buy something you show and I like seeing all of the different angles of the outfit. Such cute pieces this year! ?

  125. I love your blog posts especially the try on with your sizes and the easy way to view and buy the products! 🙂 thanks for all your hard work and your amazing fashion sense!

  126. I loved your recent post on styling one piece of clothing multiple ways and I love your try on sessions. It makes it easier to shop online. Always love your content and how positive you are! <3

  127. I love your style! I’m also petite so it’s nice to see how things will fit! I lost my dad a little over two years ago to cancer and reading post about your dad always warm my heart and to know I’m not alone ?


  128. Love the life stories and the try in sessions! My 3 year old loves cloths and loves watching your IG stories too!

  129. I personally love real-life stories! I feel readers have the chance to connect and remember that bloggers are real people too. We are able to see what is going on in your life and feel like are close friends that are just catching up with each other. The connection between myself and a blogger through hearing these stories are what makes me become invested in them and continue to come back!

  130. I love your style and try ons! I’m petite too so it’s nice to see how things will fit!! I also lost my dad a little over two years ago to cancer and reading your post about your dad always warms my heart and let’s me know I’m not alone ??

  131. Hey beautiful,
    First of you are the cutest thing, and I absolutely love your style!
    Okay, it’s sooo hard to choose one because I like both your try ons and your travel posts. But if I have to pick one and that’s it, it would be your try ons cuz I love how you put your outfits together. You even pull off casual outfit very nicely. I just love love your outfits! Hope to snatch a whole lot of your outfits from the sale.
    Love ,

  132. So, I follow a lot of bloggers, but you’re my favorite! Maybe it’s because we’re both in a Texas! Ahaha! Anyway, I love anything and everything you post! Everything I bought at the NSale came from your post! Honestly most of my outfits come from you! ?

  133. I love the try on sessions! Sometimes it encourages me to try a piece I normally wouldn’t pick on my own!

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