Duck, Duck, Goose, you’re it!

What you need for the outfits:

Duck Outfit:

Goose Costume:

  • White top (t-shirt or long sleeve)
  • Orange tights
  • White hat (cap, beanie)

DIYs (duck face caps, duck feet, goose costume):

  • Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
  • 10 – thick orange 8 1/2in x 11in felt sheets
  • 1 – thick black 8 1/2in x 11in felt sheet
  • 1 – thick white 8 1/2in x 11in felt sheet
  • 2 – yellow baseball caps
  • 1 roll of elastic
  • 1 – white tee shirt (goose costume) *size up because once the feathers are glued, there is no stretch*
  • 2 (amount depends on size) – white feather boas (goose costume)
  • 1- white hat (goose hat)

How to make everything:

Duck Hats:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of orange felt to fit the top & bottom of the bill of the yellow cap (trace the bill on a flat surface to get size)
  2. Cut one piece of felt in a cloud shape with a flat bottom to be the upper part of the beak
  3. Cut two black ovals for the eyes
  4. Cut one medium & one small circle to be the pupils of the eyes
  5. Hot glue all pieces to the yellow cap

Duck Feet: *use one sheet of orange per foot*

  1. Measure from ankle to 1in over the toes & cut 3 flipper pieces to hot glue together
  2. One 3 pieces are cut, hot glue each seam together
  3. Measure back of ankle & cut elastic piece to size
  4. Hot glue elastic to back of the felt duck feet

Goose Hat:

  1. Cut 2 small black circles for eyes
  2. Cut 2 have ovals from the orange felt
  3. Glue all pieces in arranged parts of beanie or white hat

Goose Costume:

  1. Put a scrap piece of cardboard in between layers of shirt
  2. Hot glue boa around white tee shirt or long sleeve
  3. Cut excess boa
  4. Fluff it out outside *lots of straggly feathers